Baltimore, MD - Mar. 8, 2018 - Congregation Tiferes Yisroel, affectionately known as Rabbi Goldberger's shul, celebrated their 32nd Anniversary celebration with a concert featuring the inimitable Israeli master of Jewish song, Yehuda Green. The concert took place on Sunday, March 4th, 2018 and was well received by a large and enthusiastic audience of shul members, their guests, and the community at large. 

This year, Tiferes Yisroel honored longtime shul members Louis and Gail Feinstein and Lev Avraham and Rachel Rosenstock. Both couples have given amply, freely and devotedly to the shul's membership and its needs over the years, and it was with great pleasure that we gathered to acknowledge these two dedicated couples for their service. Additionally, our Jewish Leadership Award was presented to two of the community's pillars, Moshe and Shula Davids. Moshe's well known hasmada and chazzanus, and Shula's extensive role as mikveh attendant made this wonderful couple a delightful and exceptional choice to be honored. 

A brief and touching awards ceremony, including words of welcome by shul president, Binny Margolese, and divrei torah and divrei bracha by Rabbi Goldberger, was followed by a moving and soulful  performance by Yehuda Green. Shortly after it began, listeners became participants, as the men danced in the aisles as the room erupted in shir v’shevach laShem.   Rabbi Goldberger joyfully sang two of his compositions together with Yehuda Green, including his well known L’cha Dodi.   Yehuda Green sang with tremendous energy the whole night, both classic pieces and modern hits.  An awesome time was had by all and the crowd left inspired and uplifted.  The beloved Nossi Gross and his band accompanied Yehuda Green, playing with ruchniyus and warmth.

We again applaud or honorees, the Feinsteins, Rosenstocks, and Davidses, and wish them continued hatzlacha, brachas and nachas throughout their ongoing journeys. We also want to give a huge 'yasher koach' to all those, both in front of, and behind, the scenes, who helped make this momentous occasion as special as it could possibly be. Thank you to our Rabbi and Rebbetzin, and thank you to the Baltimore Jewish Community, for joining us this year, and every year, as we continue to exemplify and bring to life the spirit of achdus. Mazel tov!