Baltimore, MD - Nov. 5, 2015 - One of Ohr Chadash Academy's goals is that each student receives what he/she needs and graduates from OCA as an independent, capable, and ethical member of the community. Community is one of three pillars that Ohr Chadash stands on. We are very excited to announce that OCA has reached out to Trader Joe's,  a community grocery store, to partner with us in a new initiative which will even further our goal of showing the students that they belong to a greater community.

We are excited to introduce the Fruit of the Month Club now happening at OCA! On the first Wednesday of every month, Trader Joe's will supply a new fruit for EACH child to try. This month's fruit is the mandarin. Today, children in the elementary school were "inducted" into the Fruit of the Month Club by being given a mandarin to try. We spoke about the nutrition benefits and why making healthier choices are important. Many of the children were excited to try a new fruit and are even more excited for December to see what the fruit will be. Each child received a "membership card" that states he/she is a part of the Fruit of the Month club. Mandarin packages can be found in 5lb bags at Trader Joe's for a low price of $5.99! 

By teaching children about healthy choices and the various fruits/vegetables available, we are opening their eyes to a whole new experience that they may not get otherwise. We are thrilled to be partnering with Trader Joe's, and it is our hope that this will guide (and continue) the students to making healthier choices.