Baltimore, MD - June 27 - Agudath Israel's role as the Jewish representative for all matters relating to medical death investigation in Maryland was recently made official. It has been five years since the start of a critically important and warm relationship with Maryland's Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME).  Maryland's Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. David Fowler, has praised his relationship with Rabbi Ariel Sadwin, the OCME's first Liaison/Chaplain, as being vital to both the Jewish community and the state, as it has ensured that countless situations that have arisen have been navigated in the smoothest manner possible. Protocols were drafted and implemented that have resulted in the maximum amount of respect to Jewish families and their laws and customs. This new status will help ensure an even smoother process for interaction and delivery of services which will be of significant benefit to the families who are going through the tragic loss of a loved one.