Thanks to all of you who shared the request to  “TAKE ACTION" with others and who followed through on this important request.

A short time ago, the County Council adopted the amendment to reduce the stormwater remediation fee for non-profits from the original $36 per ERU to $20. The 44% reduction will be followed by the 74% credit for those entities who have already addressed the stormwater run-off issue on their properties.The amendment was initially proposed by Councilwoman Almond but was subsequently co-sponsored by Councilmembers Bevins, Marks, Oliver, and Quirk, and passed 5-2. Once the proposed amendments were set, the entire bill passed the Council 6-1. 

Hopefully the fees that are imposed will be manageable for all of your institutions. 

Now it's on to the City Council on Wednesday where we hope to secure a similar accommodation.