Towson, MD - July 9, 2024 - On, July 11, 2024, the Baltimore County Police Department will activate five new speed camera locations in the following school zones.

  • Cromwell Valley Elementary School, 900 block of Providence Rd 
  • Lyons Mill Elementary School, 4300 block of Owings Mills Blvd 
  • Franklin High School, 100 block of Franklin Blvd 
  • Pretty Boy Elementary School,  19800 block of Middletown Rd 
  • Redeemer Classical Christian School, 6400 block of Mount Vista Rd

For the first 30 days, motorists exceeding the speed limit by 12 mph or more will receive warnings rather than citations. All speed camera zones are marked with signage. In compliance with state law, Baltimore County’s speed cameras operate Monday through Friday between the hours of 6 a.m. and 8 p.m., including during the summer months and on weekdays when school in not in session.

Further information on the use of speed cameras and a list of other locations in Baltimore County can be found on our website.