Baltimore, MD - July 8, 2024  - The summer heat is already brutal and everyone is looking for ways to cool off. Before heading to your local 7-Eleven store to grab a Slurpee, be sure to check out the STAR-K Kosher Slurpee List below.

Please note:

  1. The Slurpees listed here are recommended only at 7-Eleven stores in the USA. For Canadian stores, click here.
  2. Flavors refer to both Regular and Diet versions and are certified by either STAR-K or by reliable kashrus agencies.
  3. STAR-K does not certify individual 7-Eleven locations, except for the Slurpee machine in the Hooks Lane 7-Eleven in Pikesville, MD (exit 20 off I-695). Consumers are urged to use discretion when patronizing any other store.
  4.  The list is accurate only as of the date noted. STAR-K takes no responsibility should changes occur.

 For more information about the halachic basis of all things Slurpee and the history of the Kosher Slurpee List, see here.

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