Eight State Delegates have called upon the Maryland Supreme Court Chief Justice and Governor Wes Moore to impose a springing order on ICE detainers due to violent crimes at the hands of convicted, dangerous, violent illegal migrants known with ICE detainers in the state.

According to a letter sent Friday, June 21, the Delegates requested that judges be strongly encouraged to impose a springing order or take similar action to ensure that these dangerous criminals are not released into Maryland communities but are instead processed and deported by ICE.

The Delegates mention that the tragic and unnecessary death of Rachel Morin in Harford County has profoundly impacted Marylanders and the entire nation.

"This mother of five was brutally raped and murdered by an illegal alien from El Salvador, a violent criminal with a prior murder conviction who should have never been in the country in the first place. Unfortunately, this horrific crime is not an isolated incident. Shockingly, certain members of the judiciary have released criminal illegal immigrants with significantly reduced sentences. For example, two convicted sex offenders and pedophiles were recently granted shortened sentences" The Delegates wrote in the press release.... Read More: FOX45