Baltimore, MD – June 20, 2024 - As we continue to deal with the aftermath of the events on October 7, the Jewish community remains targeted with hate speech and graffiti throughout Baltimore. The Baltimore Zionist District Antisemitism and Hate Crimes Commission has taken a firm stance against such rhetoric being displayed on our streets.

These hateful messages are openly displayed on:

  1. Timonium Rd. Overpass heading from York Rd. towards Falls Rd.
  2. Padonia Rd. Overpass heading from York Rd. towards Graul's / Falls Rd.
  3. Next to  the Amtrak Station

As a pro-Israel organization representing thousands of Jewish members in our community, we cannot stand by and watch our city be defaced with such hate-filled graffiti. Baltimore County citizens, including our members, drive past these areas daily.

The BZD has contacted several elected officials to use their positions to ensure the removal of these hateful messages from the locations mentioned above. Updates will be forthcoming.