Baltimore, MD - June 17, 2024 – Today, Mayor Brandon M. Scott released the following statement on Maryland Governor Wes Moore’s pardons of more than 175,000 cannabis-related convictions.

“The legacy that the war on drugs has had on our city of Baltimore – and many places around the country like it – is still visceral and tangible. We still see and feel the wounds every day in the lives, families, and communities that were disrupted and destroyed. Today’s action to pardon these more than 175,000 convictions is a step towards healing. For those receiving the pardons – which includes thousands upon thousands of Baltimoreans – it will be life changing.

"I want to thank and commend Governor Moore for his commitment, compassion, and love for the people who have been so impacted by this history. This action, and our work together to overcome the dark legacy of our predecessors, will lay the foundation for a better, safer future for all of our residents.”