Baltimore, MD - June 14, 2024  - The TA 8th Grade Mishmar Basketball League had their Championship Game this afternoon, and this year's winners were the “Yellow Team,” sponsored by DC Dental. The 8th-grade boys came to Yeshiva each Thursday night from 7:00-9:00 PM and created a “real Mishmar Matziv”!

The evening included 45 minutes of learning, followed by Maariv, then an organized basketball league (with professional referees), and concluded with hot, delicious chulent. What a great way to end each week with a fantastic Thursday night of Mishmar!

Today's game was a thriller, with both teams playing their hearts out. The final score was 46-33. The 8th graders were then treated to an Erev Shabbos Toamehuh lunch of chulent, poppers, potato kugel, fries, soda, and chips to celebrate an amazing year completed!