Former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley visited the city of Sderot in southern Israel today (Monday) during her solidarity trip to Israel as the guest of MK Danny Danon.

Haley stated that she would not criticize the current Democratic administration while in Israel. "I think it is very important to never talk negatively about an American president when you're on foreign soil. So this is not going to be a time where I'm gonna say anything negative about the president. What I will tell you is what America should do."

"What America needs to understand is, when Israel's fighting our enemies, how can we not help them? The sure way to not help Israel is to withhold weapons. The sure way to not help Israel is to praise the ICC or the ICJ or any of those that are condemning Israel instead of condemning what happened," she said.

According to Haley, "America needs to do whatever Israel needs and stop telling them how to fight this war. Until you've lived it, you can't say how to fight it. You're either a friend or you're not a friend. Israel doesn't need us to tell them what to do. They've got a good fighting force. They're going through enough. The last thing they need is pressure from their friends."... Read More: Arutz-7