Donate Now and Watch Every Talmid Shine

Baltimore, MD - May 19, 2024 - When you enter the doors of Kesser Torah’s Bais Medrash, you are instantly transported into the world of Abaye and Rava.  You watch as bochurim engage in a generations-old milchemta shel Torah, and you cannot help but be amazed at the tremendous growth of every talmid.  Kesser Torah is not just a jewel in the crown of Baltimore; every bochur in the yeshiva is the crowning achievement of his Rebbe, Yeshiva, family, and larger community.

Every bochur in Kesser Torah feels valued, and this is why so many alumni return to the Bais Medrash each year for the annual four-hour Retzufos Seder prior to Pesach Bein ha’Zmanim. This year was no different!

In a testament to their deep-rooted love and appreciation for both their Mesivta and their Rebbeim, alumni, who learn in Eretz Yisroel, Lakewood, Monsey, and other locations, flocked to Kesser Torah in droves. They came not just to soak up the warmth of the Bais Medrash and receive ongoing inspiration from their rebbeim, but to reaffirm their personal connection to the yeshiva that shaped them.

The seder also serves as a powerful reminder for current bochurim. As they learn and speak with alumni, they see a future version of themselves.  This interaction solidifies their path of Ameilus ba’Torah and allows them to push forward on their trajectory of learning and Yiras Shamayim.
The monumental expansion that Kesser Torah has undergone in the last few years, from a nascent yeshiva to a well-established communal asset, is unparalleled! Kesser Torah allows Baltimore bochurim a local yeshiva on its 45-acre oasis, just minutes from the heart of the community.

Partner with Kesser Torah as they embark on their “Crowning Achievements Campaign”.  Your gift to Kesser Torah will help the yeshiva raise the funds needed to ensure that local bochurim can continue to shteig and grow during these challenging financial times. Now, more than ever, the Koach ha’Torah is needed to strengthen Klal Yisroel!

Make no mistake: this incredible Makom Torah relies on the generosity of people like you.

Please make your impact by helping us raise $600,000 by 11:59 p.m. on May 23rd. Thanks to generous donors, every donation will be tripled.