Baltimore, MD - May 17, 2024  - They are inside the ship that's been plastered on television screens across the globe for weeks on end. But none of us have seen or heard from them.

As massive cranes lifted pieces of the Key Bridge out of the Patapsco River around them, as divers searched the debris-filled waters for bodies below them, and even as explosive charges detonated, breaking apart millions of pounds of steel right above them, the 21-man crew has remained on board the Dali.

Their only face-to-face interactions have been with investigators and salvage crews.

"I've been communicating with them via WhatsApp about weekly. The last time I was in touch with them was this morning," Reverend Messick, port chaplain and Executive Director for Baltimore International Seafarers' Center, said. He's been providing support to the Dali crew since the collapse.... Read More: WMAR2NEWS