The Belzer synagogue in Kiryat Gat was broken into on Thursday night, and silver articles were stolen from it.

The synagogue's Torah scrolls were thrown on the floor.

Investigators from the Kiryat Gat police station and forensic investigators who arrived at the scene gathered evidence for the purpose of identifying and arresting the suspects.

Jerusalem Minister Meir Porush (United Torah Judaism), who arrived at the scene, said, "I was horrified to hear about the break-in to a Belz hasidic synagogue in Kiryat Gat, and the desecration of the Torah scrolls at the site. The police must work with all their force to bring the criminals to justice, and the justice system has the obligation to severely punish the criminals, in order to prevent repetitions of such acts in the future, G-d forbid."... Read More: Arutz-7