Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today (Sunday, 3 December 2023), at the IDF induction center at Tel Hashomer, met with IDF recruits slated for combat positions in the Armored Corps and the Givati Brigade, and with recruits from the ultra-orthodox sector.

At the start of his visit, the Prime Minister met with the recruits as they received their gear just before they put on their uniforms.

Afterwards, Prime Minister Netanyahu was briefed by the Head of IDF Personnel, Maj.-Gen. Yaniv Asur, Planning and Personnel Administration Brigade Commander Brig.-Gen. Shai Taib, Chief Armored Officer Brig.-Gen. Hisham Ibrahim and Meitav Unit Commander Col. Alon Matzliach on the impressive wartime enlistment data, including extensive reporting for reserve duty, the largest since the Yom Kippur War, and the high proportion of women recruits for combat roles.

The Prime Minister spoke with the Charedi recruits and told them [translated from Hebrew]:

"What you are doing is very important. This is bringing people together. The data that I have received show a huge jump of many hundreds of percent. This is very important and it is great encouragement to the sense of 'together'. We are going to do something here – defeat our enemies, and wipe out this intolerable enemy. Your enlistment stems from the inner conviction that each and every one of you needs to take action.

I want to commend you and really welcome you with a big hug. I think that each one of you will discover where he can contribute the most. You are now entering as young recruits. and even though you may be 40 and have five children, you have come here to enlist with a kipa on your head; that says everything. With G-d's help, you will discover many possibilities here, many capabilities that you did not think you had. This is enlisting for the common good, and who but you know this. I would like to welcome you and tell you well done, and with G-d's help, together we will win. Thank you."

Afterwards, Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke with recruits for the Armored Corps and the Givati Brigade, and answered their questions about the war against Hamas in Gaza and enlistment in the IDF.

Prime Minister Netanyahu to the Armored Corps and Givati Brigade recruits [translated from Hebrew ]:

"There is a challenge here to the existence of the state. The enlistment of each and every one of you and the many reservists who have reported will tip the scales, and we will tip the scales. I want you to know that as you receive your gear and learn to carry weapons and to operate tanks, our tools of war, but in the end the tools of war are you. The most important munitions are those we have in our heart. This is a great privilege. First of all, it requires internal strength of spirit. You will get through this very well. I see it in your eyes. I see it among your friends.

I have one request: As you watch over the country, watch out for each other. When I send you and you comrades to battle, I think of two things: How this mission will serve the goals of the war, and how we can do our utmost to watch over you. You are our tools of war, each and everyone one of you is more dear to me than refined gold. We really think that and we rely on you.

What greatly encourages me as I come here today, I see you, I receive the data and the numbers, the numbers are sky-high; the enlistment, the commitment, both for conscripts and reservists, are amazing. We are simply seeing a fantastic result. But I do not look at the numbers – I look into your eyes. I see the friends who come and understand that this is a historic turning point. Here it is either we win or they win. Then we will win.

We are committed to restoring the security in both the south and the north. I can tell you that we are erasing Hamas. Regarding the civilian population, there are rules of war and we are honoring them. But Hamas will not be – thanks to you."

Also participating in the visit were the Prime Minister's Chief of Staff, Tzachi Braverman, and his Military Secretary, Maj.-Gen. Avi Gil.