As we approach the festival of Chanuka and amid the "Iron Swords" war, the Western Wall Heritage Foundation is organizing the official Chanukah candle-lighting events that will take place this year in the Western Wall Plaza.

During Chanukah, starting Thursday, the 24th of Kislev 07/12/23, until Thursday, the 2nd of Tevet 14/12/23, a central candle lighting ceremony will be held every evening in the Western Wall Plaza under the theme "The Western Wall - the Light in All Our Hearts," featuring rabbis, public figures, families, and volunteers.

Schedule of the Chanuka candle lighting events:

First candle, Thursday, 24th Kislev, 07/12, 16:30

Second candle, Friday, 25th Kislev, 08/12, 15:30

Third candle, Saturday evening, 26th Kislev, 09/12, 19:30

Fourth candle, Sunday, 27th Kislev, 10/12, 16:30

Fifth candle, Monday, 28th Kislev, 11/12, 16:30

Sixth candle, Tuesday, 29th Kislev, 12/12, 16:30

Seventh candle, Wednesday, 1st Cheshvan, 13/12, 16:30

Eighth candle, Thursday, 2nd Cheshvan, 14/12, 16:30

The events will be broadcast live (except for Friday and Saturday evenings) on the Western Wall website, allowing the entire Jewish nation to join from their homes, IDF bases, and hotels for evacuees, and be part of the exciting and uplifting atmosphere from the Western Wall.

Additionally, today (Sunday), the traditional menorah was placed in the Western Wall Plaza, made entirely of bronze, standing over 2 meters tall and 2 meters wide, weighing approximately a ton, with a production process that lasted about 7 months.