Jerusalem, Israel - Nov. 28, 2023Gitty Normile of Har Nof asked that this message from her be distributed:

There are many of lists of hostages out there but I did not find any that was accurate or that also included the family name and mothers' names. So with great siyata d'shmaya, I have compiled a list of the hostages in Gaza which includes the most up to date and verified information. The lists are updated daily. I included the family name and age because unlike the regular list for cholim which must preserve the privacy of the person we are davening for, here the hostages names and ages are public knowledge. It can arouse peoples' hearts when davening when they see whole families and ages ranging from 9 months to 84. There is also a list with only the Hebrew first name and the mothers name.

If you could please distribute these links it would be a great mitzva to be able to daven for the specific names that are accurate and up to date!

English only link

Hebrew only link Both

link to list of names with mother's names only-no last name or age