Baltimore, MD - Sept. 27, 2023 - Mrs. Reva Gold, a’h, was "our" secretary only as a side gig. Her primary job, and the task she took most seriously, was ensuring that every student had an on-site grandmother. How many times a day did she get up to get one of "her boys" some pretzels for a midday snack? How many hours spent sewing ripped pants and buttons back onto shirts? How many fights did she break up with her firm words but kind smile?

She never limited herself to her "job description". If she saw an untucked shirt, she wouldn't and couldn't allow you to walk around like that. If you needed a reminder of what a Ben Torah should look like or how a yid is supposed to talk and act, she was right there to refresh your memory. She knew each and every one of us by name and could tell when we were having a bad (or good) day. Sitting in her office, she had a clear view of the door and never missed giving a smile to all who walked through it.

The respect she gave - and demanded we give as well - to all the Rabbeim and teachers was truly a mark of where her priorities lay. Although she may have been a secretary in an office, she transformed that space into a classroom. The class she taught there was דרך ארץ קדמה לתורה, and she gave it all day, every day - for 50 years. Watching her interact with people from every age and stage in life gave us a true understanding of how to treat others.

She couldn't and wouldn't stand for disrespect - whether for a Rebbi, teacher, or even a classmate - because she never scorned or demeaned anyone. We were held to her standard because we were - and still are - "her boys." Her last name could not have fit more perfectly because her heart of Gold shone on each and every one of us. Physically she may have been small, but in our hearts and minds, she was a giant.

Now she will truly be recognized as such in the Olam Ha'emes but we knew it down here as well. Yehi Zichrah Baruch - One of "her Boys".