Jerusalem, Israel - May 30, 2023 - Sheba Medical Center is the largest hospital in Israel, ranked one of the 10 best in the world, and well known for its excellence in various medical fields.

Renowned for providing comprehensive and multidisciplinary medical care across a wide range of specialties, it has 10,000 employees and houses over 150 departments and clinics.

On Monday morning President Isaac Herzog hosted a 75-year celebration at Beit Hanasi in Jerusalem, Israel, with major donors, specialist physicians, and invited guests seated in the main hall of the Israel President's residence.

Sheba Medical Center was established in 1948 as Israel's first military hospital. It was founded as a response to the need for urgent medical care of wounded soldiers during the Israeli War of Independence. The original location was in an abandoned British army barracks, called Army Hospital #5. Chaim Sheba (1908 - 1971), was an Israeli physician, who was the founder and long-time director of the civilian hospital, and after his death, it was renamed to honor him. 

Today Sheba is located on a 200-acre campus near Tel Aviv, in Tel Hashomer, and contains, nearly 2,000 beds and 75 laboratories. 

Michal Herzog broke protocol to speak before the President during the program. She spoke of the family's personal experiences, of birth, and the compassionate hospital staff at the time when family members also died at Sheba. 

Donors were presented with certificates to honor their support over the years. Sheba Director General Yitzhak Kreiss spoke of the inclusiveness of the hospital environment. He introduced the pianist son of an employee, one of ten children with a variety of physical or mental limitations who have found employment at Sheba.

Dan Levi, an altruistic kidney donor was featured in a short video shown on kidney donation thru the organization of Matnat Chaim. Levi and his wife Dvora Levi, who was also seen in the film, were seated in the front row, and he was called upon to speak near the end of the official program. 

Matnat Chaim or "Gift of Life" was founded in 2009, by Rabbi Yeshayahu Heber z'L who died three years ago at the age of 55, after contracting the coronavirus. Now the organization is chaired by Rachel Heber, who took over when her husband died. She and Matnat Chaim CEO Sharona Sherman were in the audience at Beit Hanasi today.

The Deputy Chief of Mission Stephanie L. Hallett represented the United States at the gathering which was conducted in English for the dozens of international guestsSheba medical specialists were invited for a private meeting with the President, the group included two heart transplant doctors who studied at Albert Einstein Medical School.  

Sheba Medical Center has played a crucial role in providing humanitarian aid and disaster response both locally and internationally.

One hundred Sheba Medical Center personnel set up 'Shining Star' a 66-bed hospital round-the-clock, treating up to 150 patients simultaneously in Ukraine in April 2022. At the time, Director General Kreiss stated, “It is our personal and national responsibility to extend a helping hand to every human being, especially since we have the knowledge and capability to carry out this mission. At Sheba, we believe that medicine provides hope without boundaries or borders. We came to Ukraine to do just that."

Today in Jerusalem, Israel, at the Sheba Medical Center 75 celebration, the Ukrainian Mayor whose people were helped was present and nodded thank you when her presence was acknowledged.