Jerusalem, Israel - Feb. 21, 2022 - On February 10, 2022, BJL shared the announcement of Suburban Orthodox Congregation, Toras Chaim, under Rabbi Shmuel Silber's leadership, partnering with Israeli farmers.  By raising $80,000, the congregation is helping Israeli farmers to observe shmittah k’halach.

Nshei Keren Hashviis was started when the CEO of Keren Hashviis, R' Shia Markowitz, realized that if the wife of a farmer feels supported and encouraged, it will make all the difference to whether or not she can stay strong and continue encouraging her husband to keep his commitment to this mitzvah. Many of the farmers have varying levels of general observance, and it's not a given that they will keep shmittah

Nshei Keren Hashviis has been doing events around the world, spreading awareness about what it's like to keep shmittah. They discovered people are often unaware the mitzvah is being kept today, and haven't actually thought about what it's like to literally give up your livelihood for an entire year. 

After a recent tour to the Toweg family farm, Rena Yukdkowsky shared with BJL, “Meeting Doron and Illana was an inspiring and special experience. As I toured their farm and listened to their heartfelt explanation of keeping shmittah, I came to fully understand the challenge and beauty of this mitzvah.”

Nshei Keren Hashviss has a goal for women to understand the sacrifices families are making, to gain admiration and respect for these women, and better understand the challenges they face. 

A gala event planned in Yerushalayim for the night of February 27, 2022, is to be a tribute to the farmers. A large number of farmers' wives are to be in attendance, and a musical tribute with a song written just for this event is planned, with many other interactive elements to the program. Rena added, "I‘m excited about the Sunday event." 

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