Looking for a young lady who doesn’t want to work with kids or be a (blank) Therapist

A fast paced environment with many things going on at once

About the Position

Personal Assistant and Yes Ma’am wanted

Are you a young lady who doesn’t know what they want to do? Don’t want to work with kids or go into the therapy field? Like to have the freedom to use your creativity and critical thinking skills and enjoy having respect and trust in knowing you’ll get the job done without someone breathing down your neck? Give us a call
If your teachers always said you had so much potential if you only applied yourself, but you never wanted to because it was boring and you didn’t see the point, we want you. Do you have excellent organizational skills, have a mind like a steel trap, understand things can change in an instant and know how to roll with the flow? Call. Do you like have a quick change of job responsibilities, being a wearer of all hats, but never having a ton of work thrust upon your shoulders that are beyond your capabilities or desires? Are you artistic, smart, have EXCELLENT TO SUPERIOR Language skills, misuse of words drive you insane, are often called the Grammar Police and can have an hour long debate about the Oxford comma? Send us an email now. Do you like fashion, beauty, make-up, etc or can pretend to? We want you.
Your job would be a personal assistant to an amazing lady who values integrity, discretion and hard work. Half-baked efforts are not wanted nor desired. Hours can be from 10 a month to 100, depending on the month. Position is salaried with opportunity for bonuses and time spent on things beyond the call of duty. No early hours, ever. Must have drivers license and a car. If no car, be willing to take the one offered without being scared you’re going to crash it. That’s why they have insurance. Please not too much responsibility at home. We understand if you get married during your contract and will happily release you with a beautiful engagement present. No school background needed, we don’t care where you went to seminary, or even if you did. You will only be working with women in an all women’s environment. We do ask you follow the status quo of Baltimore with your dress. No mommies calling. Thanks.

Location: Baltimore, MD
Salary: To Be Negotiated

For More Information, please contact Koo at (202) 618-0142 or the_koo@icloud.com