Eruvin "Veshinantom" Gemara - Perfect for the Daf - similar to the Mesivta style, but more concise and with limited meforshim in the back. Complete in one hardcover volume. Daf Yomi size.

Various Artscroll Gemaras:
Brachos Vol 1. (full size)
Makkos (Daf Yomi Size)
Kiddushin Vol. 2 (Daf Yomi Size)
Bava Metzia Vol. 1 (Daf Yomi Size)
Bava Basra Vol. 1 (Daf Yomi Size)
Niddah Vol. 2 (Daf Yomi Size)

$15 each. Two or more for $12. Everything is in good or very good condition.

Brand-new Mesivta Gemara Rosh Hashana (hardcover) - $20.

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