EZ Handicap Outside Ramp

EZ Ramp Modular Parts, not a complete set of ramp unit
About 8 feet and railings and platform
Mfg. website: https://www.discountramps.com/ez-access-modular-pathway-wheelchair-ramps/p/PATHWAY/
Or http://ezrampz.com/
Baltimore dealer: http://www.bedcomobility.com/ez-access-ramps.php
Cannot deliver, must be picked up at 2705 Hanson Ave., Baltimore, MD 21209
Photo is of whole ramp, come inspect what is available
The dealer office in Baltimore is on Falls Rd. north of Mt. Washington Village

Price: $75.00
For More Information, please contact Chaim Wilson at 4103855143 or chaimwilson613@gmail.com