Found Tallis Bag in Agudah Greenspring Shul on day of Anfllick-Topper Kiddush

Found Unusual Light Brown Felt,
8" by 10" Tallis Bag
Marked, but without a name
Item was found on Parasha Beshalach, Shabbos, 11February2017 in Agudah Greenspring Shul
The owner may have been a visitor to
The Anflick-Topper Kiddush
Please contact
Jonathan Libber, Chaim Wilson
(410-358-5143) or any AIG davener if info about a possible owner can be provided
Picture provided of Tallis Bag is only an example of the actual found item
Tisku Mitvos!

For More Information, please contact Chaim Wilson at (410)358-5143 or chaimwilson613@gmail.com