Cultural Care Au Pairs - Maryland, DC, VA

Cultural Care Au Pairs - Maryland, DC, VA

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About Cultural Care Au Pairs - Maryland, DC, VA

Cultural Care Au Pair�s childcare and cultural exchange program offers families affordable childcare customized to their needs with a unique international perspective. Your au pair lives with you as a member of your family while providing up to 45 hours of childcare each week. Our dedicated Cultural Care offices in over 20 countries take care of screening and training each au pair � helping her obtain her visa, providing her insurance, and transporting her to your family�s home. You simply need to start the matching process to find the au pair best suited for your family. Au pairs are caring and committed, adventurous and educated young people, ages 18-26 years, from many different countries worldwide. They are eager to experience American culture while sharing their own unique backgrounds. While living in your home as a family member, they provide your family with up to 45 hours per week of personalized childcare. They have decided to venture out of the safety of their home and culture in order to grow and develop, to improve their English and to widen their horizons, both personally and professionally. Participating in the au pair program is a life-changing experience for these young people and they are excited to find a kind and supportive American host family to work and live with during that year.