Capital Business Consultants

Capital Business Consultants

17 Warren Rd
Suite # 1B
Baltimore, MD 21208

Phone: (410)602-6108
Email: info@consultcapital.com

About Capital Business Consultants

Our mission is to help businesses improve their bottom line performance, primarily through the analysis of their existing products and services including gas ans electric, credit card processing, insurance etc. The taxing combination of economic uncertainty and escalating costs all increase the complexity of todays procurement function. Most businesses have in place what they need, it is our business to maximize their efficiency by reducing total cost, driving revenue and market share, implementing world-class quality, and decreasing risk. We will show you ways to significantly cut overhead costs while maintaining the excellent level of service you are accustomed to receiving.We will always act in the best interest of our clients, earning a role as trusted advisors based on our integrity and overall impact.