What Types of Oil?

All (types) of oil are valid for the Hanukah lights.  However, the commandment is best carried out using olive oil,  just like the miracle in the Temple that was with olive oil.  If (olive oil) is not available,  one should choose any oil that gives a pure and clean light,  or wax candles that also give a pure light.  Two (candles) should not be joined together because this resembles a torch (or fire),  rather each candle should be separate.  One should not use (candles) from idol worshippers temples,  because (these) are considered repulsive (disgusting).  Similarly, all kinds of wicks are valid for the Hanukah light,  (but) the preferable way to carry out the commandment is with cotton (wicks).  One does not need new wicks each night,  but can relight the original ones until they are burnt up. (KSA 139:4)