What is This Fear?

What is this fear ?1  One shouldn't stand in the place reserved for him,  where he stands in counsel with the elders, with his friends,  or in the place reserved for him to pray,  nor sit in his special place for sitting in the house.  One shouldn't contradict what he says,  nor corroborate his words in his presence,  even by saying ''you have to agree with what father says''  To what extent should one fear them ?  If the son was wearing fine clothes  and sitting at the head of a meeting,  and his father or mother came  and tore his clothes  and hit him on the head,  and spat on his face,  he shouldn't insult them,  or be upset in their presence,  or show anger towards them,  rather be silent,  and be afraid of the King, the King of Kings,  the Holy One blessed be He, who commanded him in this.  However, he can claim against them  in court for any monetary loss. (KSA 143:2)
1) That one should show to one's parents.