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zahava pogrow

Looking for a ride for two 20 yr. old girls from Baltimore to Monsey on thurs. oct. 23. please call 845 641 0063. thank you so much!

Azriel Osofsky

Looking for ride for 19 year old Yeshiva Bochur from Baltimore to Monsey, Lakewood or Boro Park, Motzaei Shabbos Parshas Noach, October 25, 2014 or Sunday October 26,2014-please contact Azriel Osofsky at 443-570-1266.

avi ross

i am looking for a ride to new York (five towns far Rockaway )anywhere from Tuesday night oct 21 till Thursday night oct 24 round trip returning to Baltimore after shabbos before Sunday night oct 26 516-284-9136


Looking for a ride to NY on Wednesday afternoon, October 22. Please call 443-739-9522 Thank you

i need a package brought from Cleveland to Baltimore please email me - thank you yisraelmarkowitz5@gmail.com

rabbim friedman

Need ride to New York this week/next week etc. One way or round trip same day. 347 670-8641