We are all one community - one family. If you, or someone you know, need anything - food, clothing, whatever it is - the rest of the community is here to help. These postings will be handled with great sensitivity . Just tell us what you need and we will help direct you to the right assistance.

Post What You Are in Need Of Below

Esti Strauss
is in Need of:

Looking for a furnished apartment for now until September 21st. For my husband, me and baby. Doesn't need to be very big. Just need a place while my he is on rotation in Baltimore. Please contact me if you or someone you know can be of assistance: 646-824-7336

is in Need of:

In need of a ride for my niece from Pittsburgh to Baltimore this Tuesday or Wednesday, August 26 or 27th. Please call 410-486-0140. Shoshana Friedman

David Neff
is in Need of:

Moving to Baltimore fairly soon and am in need of some roommates. I am 19 years old so if you are interested email me david@davidpneff.com

Anita Preis Rubin
is in Need of:

Looking for ride to Borough Park for this Thursday, August 7th. Please call 410-358-4110 Anita Preis Rubin

erich kauffman
is in Need of:

Lost red laptop with hebreew english keyboard and hebrew windows operating system. In black bag 4438441977

Khemda Nourmand
is in Need of:

Looking for TA 8:45/4:30 carpool for one boy in Pickwick/7 mile area. Please call- 410-484-0621

linda katz
is in Need of:

would like to borrow "In the Narrow Places" by Erica Brown for a few weeks, if someone has a copy to lend to a responsible person. please contact 410 358 0494

Chevy Weiss
is in Need of:

Men's Gemach seeking new home. Do you have one room in your house for the boy's/men's gemach? Racks are available - we just don't have room for it anymore. Huge chessed!

Mashe Katz
is in Need of:

Looking for General Studies substitute teachers for the coming school year. Elementary hours: 2:00-4:30 PM Middle School hours: 2:45 - 5:30 PM. If interested to be put on a substitute list, please call 410-654-3500 x 1063.

jordyn miller
is in Need of:

Looking for a frum girl roommate around/ in her twenties. For more information contact me at millerjordyn93@gmail.com. Please remember to include your contact information

Karina Cohen Laufer
is in Need of:

looking for a place to a woman 57 years old to stay for a month(not more than it) she is wating for a official document to make alyah my email: karinacohen10@gmail.com

Mordechai Nissel
is in Need of:

Car Key Found! Hyundai key with clicker. Biltmore near Pinkney, July 3 around 8:15am. Please contact Mordechai Nissel 410-358-0041