We are all one community - one family. If you, or someone you know, need anything - food, clothing, whatever it is - the rest of the community is here to help. These postings will be handled with great sensitivity . Just tell us what you need and we will help direct you to the right assistance.

Post What You Are in Need Of Below

shommy pollack
is in Need of:

looking to swap car with someone in Israel for month of tishrei please call 410 358 9846

Hadassah Baum
is in Need of:

Looking to barrow car for one week in the month of August for pay. Please contact me with any leads 443-604-9553

Sharmaine Palmer
is in Need of:

The Palmer family is looking to borrow a manual wheelchair for Shabbos Nachamu. thanks 410 358 8611

Devora Teichman
is in Need of:

Looking to rent a two bedroom apartment from the end of Elul through Tishrei (early August - September). Please contact Mrs. Oppen at (410)358-6819.

Aitan Zacharin
is in Need of:

Looking for house rental in Baltimore for yomim norayim in exchange for house in North Miami Beach Florida for same time period. North Miami Beach house has 4 bedrooms and pool, and is blocks away from all the shuls, mikvaos, kollel, and 5 minutes from grocery stores. If interested, contact Aitan at 954.817.8499 or aitanz@hotmail.com

Malka Hosner
is in Need of:

I am moving to Pickwick east apt at the end of July and looking for used furniture. Please call Malka Hosner at 773-885-8810 or email at msd210@gmail.com. Thank you!

Lisa Friedman
is in Need of:

I am looking for a van service or driver with van to transport five elderly relatives from Silver Spring to Baltimore (Shomrei Emunah) and back for my son's chasunah on August 4. This is for hire. For more details, please call Lisa Friedman, 410-292-4343.

Rochel Szendro
is in Need of:

I am looking to buy a used baby gate for outdoors. I also looking to buy a noise/sound machine for my baby to see if it blocks out the noise. please call or text at 4109088471, thanx!

Sarala Lefkowitz
is in Need of:

I am driving from Baltimore to South Fallsburg on July 3 -I have room for three passengers email me Sarala1239 @Gmail. COM