We are all one community - one family. If you, or someone you know, need anything - food, clothing, whatever it is - the rest of the community is here to help. These postings will be handled with great sensitivity . Just tell us what you need and we will help direct you to the right assistance.

Post What You Are in Need Of Below

Torah Institute Baltimore
is in Need of:

Torah Institute is looking for a bus monitor for their 4:30 Elementary MTA Bus trip. For further information, please email mnissel@torahinstitute.org.

Gail Schnitzer
is in Need of:

I need a ride to Far Rockaway, NY - Friday January 23rd. Or if you are going Thursday afternoon, January 22nd. I can be reached at 410-358-9506

Leah Saunders
is in Need of:

BYHS seeking two-week loan of marching band snare drum ASAP thru Jan. 19. (To be used in brief appearance during upcoming production) Will be well cared for. Please contact via email: ylsaunders@gmail.com

yossi landa
is in Need of:

Looking for someone who is going from Baltimore to monsey this week to pick up an important item I left on yeshiva lane Baltimore ner yisroel. Can drive to close vicinity to drop off item thank you 845-282-0990

Anita Preis
is in Need of:

Looking for ride to Lakewood on Thursday, January 1st or Friday, January 2nd.Please call me at 410-358-6377 or email me at rubinanita@verizon.net

Azriel Osofsky
is in Need of:

Wooden crib available for pickup-needs to be assembled. Please call 443-570-1266 if you are interested.

Tracy Steele
is in Need of:

I need someone to bring a package to Israel (Jerusalem) before Chanuka for my son who is learning there. 443-865-7257

David Neff
is in Need of:

I am in need of shabbat lodging in Baltimore for shabbos. I am moving into the Baltimore community very soon, but would like a place for shabbos meals and lodging. Phone 410-713-1571 Email david@davidpneff.com

Marlene Teichman
is in Need of:

Need small package brought from Monsey to Balto. or Silver Spring by Fri., Dec. 12. Would be delivered to and picked up from you. Email -ryrcharner@tsgw.org or Yossie - 443-938-2683

Yosef Cohen
is in Need of:

English Tutor for boys grades 3 and 5. Please call 443 562 6989.

Don Moskovitz
is in Need of:

I'm in need of a sitter, no responsibilities, only to help me from room to room in a wheelchair after leg surgery. Dec 4 - 7 2014. 4 hours per day, 10am - 3pm on Shabbos, food included. call Idy 443 286-8344

feige Baumer
is in Need of:

Need to send a cell phone to Teaneck ASAP. Please call Baumer at 410-318-8313 or email joel.baumer@verizon.net Thanks!