'New Spirit' Tries to Keep Youngsters in Jerusalem

By The Media Line

Posted on 06/30/13 | News Source Ynet News |

Tal Shavit, 26, is studying political science at Hebrew University and was looking for a job in Jerusalem for after graduation. She hooked up with “New Spirit,” a non-profit trying to encourage students to stay in the Israeli capital after they graduate and they arranged an internship with Policy, a large lobbying organization.


Shavit says that she is one of the lucky ones. Many of her friends have left Jerusalem, either because they couldn’t find a job or because the cost of living is too high. She says that helping these students stay is good for Jerusalem. “People are still going to be here for university, but unless something changes Jerusalem is going to keep on getting poorer and cultural and social life will deteriorate,” Tal Shavit said. “The city will become more extremist, religious and less accepting.”


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Photo Caption: Old City in Jerusalem (Photo: Ron Peled)

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