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Kiddush Levana
Feb 21, 4:38 pm to Mar 05 11:00 am

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Parshas Tetzaveh/Zachor - Aderes HaTorah

 In this week's Parsha, Hakadash Boruch Hu tells Moshe Rabeinu to bring close Aharon and his children to become the Kohanim. The Pasuk says "he has to bring them close, from amongst Klal Yisroel". Why does the Posuk mention that he has to bring them "from amongst Klal Yisroel"? 

Perhaps the answer is that Aharon and his children were chosen to be leaders of Klal Yisroel and as such, they had to be people that Klal Yisroel can relate to. These leaders have to be someone that was "amongst" Klal Yisroel enabling them to feel like he is one of them, not someone who is distant or irrelevant 

Our leaders have to be role models, they have to stand out but not stand apart. Through this they can help inspire Klal Yisroel to help us achieve our greatest potential and connecting with Hakadash Boruch Hu..

Time for Krias HaMegillah

It is forbidden to read the Megillah at night  before the appearance of (three) stars,  even though one is greatly suffering due to the fast.  However, one may taste a little1 before the Megillah (reading),  such as coffee and similar (drinks),  in order to slightly strengthen oneself  from the weakness of the fast. (KSA 141:8)
1) One may eat the volume of a ''k'beitzah'' (lit: ''like an egg'') of bread and cake, or liquid in the same quantity. This is from 86.23 ml to 100 ml or in normal terms about two thirds of a slice of white bread or three quarters of a square matzah.