Ethiopian Soldier Beaten By Police Files Law Suit   •   IAF Strikes Terrorist Infrastructures in Gaza   •   Russia: No Date Set For Iran S-300 Missile Delivery to Iran   •   Israeli Judo Team Faces Antisemitic Harassment in Morocco: 'We Will Murder You'   •   Jewish Nursing Home in Bronx Cares for Dozens of Aging Catholic Nuns   •   Newly Revealed Bin Laden Documents Reveal Extent of Antisemitism as Motivating Factor for Attacks   •   German Court Rejects Appeal of Man Who Shouted 'Death to Zionists' at Protest   •   1,000-Year-Old Kesuvah Goes On Display In Jerusalem   •   Bill Clinton Paid Through Shell Company   •   Federal Appeals Court Deals Blow To President Obama's Amnesty   •   Hamas Executed Gazans During Summer War, Amnesty Says   •   Tomorrow Expected To Be Hottest Day In Israel in Decade   •   Wall Street Falls on Concerns About Europe, U.S. Rate Hike   •   Bogus BMG Letter Once Again Urges Mechitzas On Lakewood Busses; Monsey Trails Refutes Discrimination Charges   •   IRS Says Thieves Stole Tax Info From 100,000   •   Houston, TX Mayor: 1000s Of Houston Properties Damaged   •   Syria's Jewish History At Risk After Islamic State Takes Over   •   Israeli Unemployment Rate Drops To Historic Low Of 4.9 Percent   •   Are Your Travel Plans Up in the Air? Tune in Tomorrow to STAR-K's Telekosher Conference Series   •   IDF Views Hamas As Responsible For Rocket Attack   •   Kiddush Levanah: May 21, 7:50 am through Jun 2, 2:12 am



Kiddush Levana
May 21, 7:50 am to Jun 02 2:12 am

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Is one permitted to pick produce from a garden on Yom Tov for immediate use on the same day of Yom Tov?

It is not permitted [ED. Note: As we prepare to launch our new site, BJL will be partnering with the Star-K on Ask the Rabbi and Kashrus Questions. Rabbi Ari Storch is no longer answering these. This question has been answered by a Star-K Rabbi]

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On the first night of Shavuot we delay praying the evening service  until after the appearance of the stars,  because if we prayed earlier and received the holy (state) of the Yom Tov,  there would be missing a little from the 49 days of counting,  and the Torah said there should be seven complete weeks. (120:11)