Her Family Thanks One & All: Please Continue to Daven for Heart Transplant Surgery patient 10-Year Old Sorah Naomi bas Rochel Miriam Weiskind   |   

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Kiddush Levana
Dec 24, 3:10 pm to Jan 05 9:32 am

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My wife does not want to light her own Chanukah licht but would like to share and light some of my candles. Is that mutar?

The general custom is that the husband lights and the wife fulfills her obligation with his lighting. Other family members generally all light, however there are those whose custom is that none of the women light. [ED. Note: As we prepare to launch our new site, BJL will be partnering with the Star-K on Ask the Rabbi and Kashrus Questions. Rabbi Ari Storch is no longer answering these. This question has been answered by a Star-K Rabbi]

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What's the Order?

The order of lighting them according to our custom is:  On the first night one lights the candle to ones right.  On the second night one adds to this (another) candle on its left.  Similarly, on each night one adds (a candle) on its left.  The one that one adds is lit first,  and then continue on lighting to the right. (KSA 139:11)