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Does Your Selichos Chazzan Fit the Guidelines?

One should carefully choose a chazan  to say the Selichot, and the High Holiday (prayers),  a person who is (highly) respectable,  a great Torah (scholar), and good deeds,  to the extent that it is possible to find.  He should also be (at least) thirty years old,  for by then, his youthful hot-blooded passions will be at rest,  and his personal desires1 will have been subdued.  He should also be married,  with children,  for then he will pour out his heart,  and beg for mercy from the bottom of his heart.2  Similarly, one should carefully choose a person to blow the shofar on Rosh Hashana,  and the one who prompts the shofar blower,  who are Torah scholars and G-d fearing,  to the extent that it is possible for them to find.  However, any (male) Jew is eligible to (carry out) all (these functions),  provided he is acceptable to the congregation.  If one sees that there are disagreements from this (one's appointment),  one should withdraw oneself,  even though there may be then (for the position) someone unsuitable. (KSA 128:7)
 1) lit; his heart.
 2) If there is a choice between a G-d fearing, Torah scholar, who is single and less than thirty, and a married man above thirty, who is not a Torah scholar, the job should be given to the Torah scholar (Mishna Berurah 581:13).