Pls daven for a Refuah Shlaimah for Sara Naomi bas Rochel Miriam cuurently in Hopkins PICU    |   

Parshas Re'eh - Lookin' Good   •   Gaza Activists Hang Giant Palestinian Flag From Manhattan Bridge   •   What is the Extent of Israeli Humanitarian Aid To Gaza?   •   Israel @ War - Day 45 - Live Blog - UPDATED 10:37 PM Wednesday, Aug. 20 (Israel, Thursday Aug. 21) - Page Will Refresh Itself   •   Netanyahu Reprimands Bennett Over Gaza Criticism   •   Breaking: Hamas Rep in Turkey Admits Terror Org Behind Kidnapping of 3 Teens   •   Secret US Mission To Rescue Hostages In Syria Failed   •   Chester Siegel (Yechezkel Ben Chaim Halevi, z'l) on his 26th Yahrtzeit, 24 Menachem Av (Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014)   •   Texas Gov. Perry Formally Enters Not Guilty Plea   •   Hamas: Mohammed Deif wasn't killed or injured in IDF attack   •   Militants Use British Killer As Propaganda   •   How Can Authorities Restore Order In Ferguson?   •   Israel @ War - Day 44 - Live Blog - UPDATED 3:01 PM Wednesday, Aug. 20   •   Watch: President Barack Obama's Speech Regarding ISIS Beheading of American Journalist (Video)   •   The Kashrus of Raisin Juice and Raisin Wine   •   Netanyahu: Gaza Operation Is Not Over Yet   •   Fox News: Israeli Intelligence Working Under Assumption That Mohammed Deif Was Killed   •   Thousands Mourn Slain Wife, Baby Of Hamas Commander   •   Schabas Vows To Investigate Israel For U.N. With Or Without Government Cooperation   •   Israeli-US Relations Tested Once Again in Gaza War



Kiddush Levana
Aug 28, 1:13 pm to Sep 09 7:35 am

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Tisha B'Av

The 9th of Av.  On this day it was decreed on our ancestors in the desert  that they would not be brought in to the land of Israel.  For then the spies returned and Israel wept,  weeping for no reason  and it was decreed that (on this day future) generations would weep.  On this day was the great destruction,  on which were destroyed the first Temple and also the second.  The city of Betar was captured, which was a large city,  (killing) thousands and tens of thousands of Jews.  On this day (the Roman governor) Turnos-Rufus plowed  under the Temple and the surrounding area,  fulfilling the verse:1 ''Zion shall be ploughed like a field.''  There is another public fast,  the Fast of Esther, below Ch. 141:2. (KSA121:5)
 1) Jeremiah 26:18