Israel @ War - Day 16 - Live Blog - UPDATED as of 12:28 AM US/EDT - Wednesday, July 23 - Page Will Refresh Itself   •   OP-ED: Remember How this Mess Began   •   A Look At The Israeli-Egyptian Closure Of Gaza   •   Abbas Threatens to Pursue Israel Over 'Gaza Crimes'   •   My American Boy Serving in Gaza   •   Humiliation in Egypt: Kerry, Staff Forced to Pass Through Metal Detectors   •   Former NYC Mayor Bloomberg Flying To Israel Says FAA Ban A Huge Mistake   •   Israel Transportation Minister: Cancellation of Flights to Israel Gives a 'Prize to Terror'   •   Watch: Mir Yeshiva Bachurim Make Tzitzis for IDF Soldiers in Gaza During Bein HaSedarim (Video)   •   'We've Achieved Results Beyond What We Expected' (Video)   •   Terrorists Arrested During Gaza Op Provide Quality Intelligence To Troops (Photo Essay)   •   Netanyahu Asks Kerry To Help Resume US Flights To Israel   •   Israel @ War - Day 15 - Live Blog - UPDATED as of 5:50 PM US/EDT - Tuesday, July 22   •   A Situation Assessment Took Place As Part Of Operation Protective Edge   •   PM Netanyahu Shows UN Secy.-Gen. Ban Ki-Moon Remains of Rockets and Proof that Hamas is Using the Civilian Population as Human Shields (Video)   •   Watch: Children of Gush Katif Daven by the Kotel as Their Brothers in IDF Return to Gaza to Fight (Video)   •   Ban Ki-moon's Shameful Message In Israel's Hour Of Need   •   Watch: Satmar Chassidim Protest the Existence of the State of Israel in Jerusalem (Video)   •   Watch: Public Opinion in Jerusalem on the Israel-Gaza Conflict (Video)   •   Israeli Airstrike Targets Home of Hamas Arch-Terrorist



Kiddush Levana
Jul 30, 12:29 am to Aug 10 6:51 pm

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If I am part of a larger siyum - as in the case of learning a mesechata of Mishnayos to complete 6 sidray mishnah with others - must I be present to eat meat when the siyum takes place during the 9 days

Yes you must, the leniency to eat meat arises from the fact that one is partaking of a meal which is for the purposes of a mitzvah. That is only in the location in which the festive meal for the siyum is being held.

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Tisha B'Av

The 9th of Av.  On this day it was decreed on our ancestors in the desert  that they would not be brought in to the land of Israel.  For then the spies returned and Israel wept,  weeping for no reason  and it was decreed that (on this day future) generations would weep.  On this day was the great destruction,  on which were destroyed the first Temple and also the second.  The city of Betar was captured, which was a large city,  (killing) thousands and tens of thousands of Jews.  On this day (the Roman governor) Turnos-Rufus plowed  under the Temple and the surrounding area,  fulfilling the verse:1 ''Zion shall be ploughed like a field.''  There is another public fast,  the Fast of Esther, below Ch. 141:2.  (KSA 121:5)
 1) Jeremiah 26:18