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“Who can count, who can measure, The bounds of his heart’s breadth? His novel Torah insights are endless, Into Hashem’s perfect Torah, All as clean as fine meal, As it was given at Sinai, Would that they be engraved in a book.” — from an introduction by the sons of the Gra to a volume containing their father’s Bi’ur al Kammoh Aggodos, Vilna, 5560 (1800) The following is translated and adapted from the monumental three-volume work HaGaon by Rav Dov Eliach. It is taken from the second volume, chapter 21, entitled, “Toras Hashem Temimoh...
An Israeli hiker was killed while walking along a cliff next to the Ganges River in northern India this week, Ynet reports. Ariel Freeman, 50, from Moshav Nir Tzvi, was hiking with his wife and fellow trekkers when the tragedy struck. Those accompanying Freeman were only able to report the incident on Wednesday after they reached an area with cell phone service. His body was recovered at the scene and was taken to the police station in the town of Uttarkashi. The local police reported that this is the second time in two weeks that a foreigner had fallen victim to the treacherous mountainous area while hiking.
Russia has begun its biggest surface deployment since the end of the Cold War as it aims to effectively end the war in Syria on the eve of the US election, NATO officials warn, The Telegraph reports. The Kremlin is sending the full might of its Northern Fleet and part of the Baltic Fleet to reinforce a final assault on the city of Aleppo in a fortnight, according to Western intelligence. The final bombardment is designed to shore up the Assad regime by wiping out rebels – paving the way for a Russian exit from the civil war. The assault on the city will also serve to highlight US inaction in the run-up to election day and may aid Donald Trump. Read more at THE TELEGRAPH.
It was bound to be awkward from the beginning. On a night in which Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would meet for perhaps the final time, the staging called for speeches by the two presidential candidates. The choreography at the Alfred E. Smith charity dinner benefitting the Catholic Church’s charities – an annual New York tradition for the city’s well-heeled and a quadrennial circus when the presidential candidates come to town – was perfectly set. Melania Trump entered first and took her seat. Clinton entered next, moving deftly behind her to take a chair a few feet away, with nothing more than a polite greeting. As Trump took the stage in white tie, he flashed a thumbs up and a wave, shaking hands with those on stage but seeming to make no acknowle...
Simchas Bais HaShoaiva 5777 at Mir Yerushalayim
Succos is almost upon us so I will forgo the opportunity of discussing this week’s Parsha, Ha’azinu, and focus on this most beautiful holiday. Succos is referred to as “The Time of Rejoicing”. This needs explanation. Is not every holiday a time for rejoicing? Would we not consider the holiday of Pesach which celebrates our exodus from Egypt, the birth of our nation a more significant time of rejoicing? The Torah refers to Succos as the Festival of the Harvest because it occurs at the period of the harvest. The summer has ended and all the grain has already dried and is ready to be milled. We are getting ready to hunker down for the winter. Could it be that this is the reason why it is the Time of Rejoicing? The problem with this explanation is that it seems to be ...
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Shabbos Chol HaMoaid Succos 5777 / Baltimore Zmanim / Eruv is UP! Baltimore, MD – Oct. 21, 2016    Parshas:  Shabbos Chol HaMoaid Succos 5777 Today:    19 Tishrei       Chatzos: 12:51 PM Hadlakas Nairos: 6:00 PM Shkiah:                   6:18:42 PM Tzais HaKochavim:  7:09 PM Pisku Tuvu  
As we all know, it is a mitzva to spend as much time as possible in a succah. This includes eating, sleeping and even socializing in the succah. However if one is mitztaer, if one is uncomfortable in the succah because of the weather, insects or another persistent annoyance, one is exempt from the mitzva. In fact when one is exempt from the succah, there is no mitzva at all to stay in the succah. (click here for some inspirational stories about Succos.) This brings us to the following interesting moral dilemma. There were four Jewish college students who shared an apartment. They were going to be in their apartment for Succos  so they decided to pool their resources and build a succah together. Each student contributed $250 and together they had $1000 to purchase a nice succah. They...
Daily Halacha
Laws of Hashana Rabba, Shemini Atzeret and Simchas Torah

The last intermediate day is Hoshana Rabba.  It is the custom to stay up the preceding night  and study Torah as laid out in the prayer book,  this is because on the festival we are judged on the water,  and all the life of man depends on water.  This day is the last day of the festival  and everything goes after the sealing (of judgement).  In the morning we increase slightly the lights in the synagogue  like (we do) on Yom Kippur.  The Reader wears the Kittel (white robe),  we say1 ''For the Chief Musician. A Psalm of David'' like on a festival  and also say2 ''A Psalm of thanksgiving'',  we do not say ''The breath of every living being'',  we say ''There is none like unto You''  (and) ''Hear O Israel'' as on a festival day  in the additional prayers Kedusha (we say) ''We will reverence'' (KSA 138:1)
1) Psalm 19
2) Psalm 100

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A New Understanding of ‘Shabbos Shuva’  As we all know, there is always one ‘plain’ Shabbos between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. That is to say, there could be two Shabboses that fall out during the Aseres Y’mai Teshuvah (the ‘Ten Days of Teshuvah’) between the first of Tishrei (when RH begins) and the tenth of Tishrei (when YK falls) – but only one of them will be a ‘regular’ Shabbos (not concomitant with either RH or YK). And, of course, this Shabbos is known as Shabbos Shuva – most conveniently translated as ‘the Shabbos of Teshuvah’, since it comes during the Ten Days of the year when doing teshuva is the dominant theme. That would be the simplest, most direct way to understand this term and the appell...
Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby is pushing for policy reforms to investigate and prosecute police misconduct. Thursday morning, Mosby announced five proposals that she would like to see take effect in Baltimore. "The ultimate goal will be to provide the community with a seat at the table," Mosby said. "My first proposal involves replacing the typical police investigative team with one that includes impartial investigative representation from the Police Department, the prosecutor's office, state police and the investigator and civilian review board." Mosby said a collaborative approach will improve transparency, remove the pressure of police investigating fellow officers and eliminate bias and skepticism during the early investigation stages. "My second ...
Parsha Hashavua
Succos; Appreciating Value

Succos is almost upon us so I will forgo the opportunity of discussing this week’s Parsha, Ha’azinu, and focus on this most beautiful holiday. Succos is referred to as “The Time of Rejoicing”. This needs explanation. Is not every holiday a time for rejoicing? Would we not consider the holiday of Pesach which celebrates our exodus from Egypt, the birth of our nation a more significant time of rejoicing?

The Torah refers to Succos as the Festival of the Harvest because it occurs at the period of the harvest. The summer has ended and all the grain has already dried and is ready to be milled. We are getting ready to hunker down for the winter. Could it be that this is the reason why it is the Time of Rejoicing?

The problem with this explanation is that it seems to be going against the flow of the calendar. This month of Tishrei began with the two serious holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Although they are holidays they are nevertheless somber days. They are the days of Judgement. On Yom Kippur we fast and refrain from worldly pleasures so as to be like angels. The first ten days of this month we are totally focused on our spiritual side. Does it not seem odd that five days after Yom Kippur we celebrate our material wealth and accomplishment?

Considering the frame of mind that Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur engendered how should one feel about the abundant harvest he has brought in? Certainly the Torah does not wish that we frown upon material success. The Torah itself rewards our commitment to her commandments with a plentiful bounty from the produce our fields yield. It seems to me that the first ten days of the month helped the Jew in re-evaluating the priorities of life. What are the most important factors in my life and what are the less important important factors.

The greatest blessing a person can have is the ability to discern what is truly valuable and what is not. Consider the person who thinks his money should spent on drinking and partying. He will squander all his hard earned money in no time at all and will have nothing to show for it. The person who understands the value of money will save and invest his earnings in a way that it will work to make more money for him.

After having traveled through the first ten days of Tishrei and we have a clearer perspective of what is truly valuable and what is not. We have hopefully gained an insight of the eternal value of a mitzvah and of a Shabbos.

So now as we approach the period of the harvest in which we finally reap the hard earned bounty we rejoice over our newly refreshed outlook. We now know how to use our bounty. In what endeavors should we invest our time and resources.

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The general election is set for Nov. 8. That is the day when voters across the country will decide who they want as their next president. Several key offices are up for grabs in Maryland that day, including for U.S. Senate, the House of Representatives and Baltimore's mayor and City Council. Local leaders are working to ensure the general election is smoother than April’s primary. Concerns with the primary election eventually led the state to temporarily decertify the results Baltimore City due to problems with provisional ballots. City Elections Board Director Armstead Jones said the number one issue his office had during the primary was not having enough election judges, along with not enough training for those they did have. According to state election officials...
The case against Hillary Clinton could have been written before the recent WikiLeaks and FBI disclosures. But these documents do provide hard textual backup. The most sensational disclosure was the proposed deal between the State Department and the FBI in which the FBI would declassify a Hillary Clinton email and State would give the FBI more slots in overseas stations. What made it sensational was the rare appearance in an official account of the phrase “quid pro quo,” which is the currently agreed-upon dividing line between acceptable and unacceptable corruption. This is nonetheless an odd choice for most egregious offense. First, it occurred several layers removed from the campaign and from Clinton. It involved a career State Department official (he occupied the sa...
Kiddush Levana Nov 02 9:03 pm - Nov 14 2:25 pm
Tishrei 19
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Two men have been arrested in contention with the murder of Menachem Stark, Law enforcement sources told JP. one man was picked up in lower Manhattan the second man was busted in brooklyn the sources said. both were inside the 90 precinct detectives squad at 8:45p.m. sources added. Kandall Philex, 28-years-old and his brother Erskine Philex, have been arrested NYPD officials said. Kandall has been charged with hindering prosecution, and tampering with evidence, Kandall was charged with murder.
Baltimore, MD - Daily Dvar Halacha -  Oct. 20, 2016 /  18 Tishrei 5777 - Shopping on Chol Ha 'Moed?
SimchasSimchas Simcha
Baltimore, MD – Oct. 16, 2016 – Due to the very positive feedback from this past Motzaei Shabbos opening, Seven Mile Market will, once again, be opening this coming Motzaei Shabbos, Chol HaMoaid, Oct. 22nd.
Archaeological evidence of the breaching of Jerusalem’s Third Wall by the Romans at the end of the Second Temple era was discovered last winter thanks to an excavation by the Israel Antiquities Authority, Israel’s GPO reported Thursday. The siege culminated in the destruction of the Second Temple still mourned by the Jewish people thousands of years later. The remains of a tower and numerous ballista and sling stones fired by Roman catapults were discovered as well. “This is a fascinating testimony of the intensive bombardment by the Roman army, led by Titus, on their way to conquering the city and destroying the Second Temple,” excavation directors Dr. Rina Avner and Kfir Arbib said in a statement. The archaeologists noted that the bombardment targeted sentries ...
Nichum AveilimNichum Aveilim Aveilim
The US State Department has labeled Hezbollah Commander Haytham ‘Ali Tabataba’i from Beirut, Lebanon a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT), according to a press release this week. Treasury said it was a joint action with Saudi Arabia aimed at “disrupting Hezbollah’s worldwide commercial and financial infrastructure.” This effect will hope to diminish it’s military branch that has a strong influence in the Syrian conflict. The State Department said Tabataba’i has operated in Syria and Yemen. Tabataba’i’s actions in those countries are believed to be part of a broader effort by Hezbollah, a Lebanese terror group, to provide training, materiel, and personnel in support of what the State Department described as “destabilizi...
Much of the media has been up in arms over Trump’s claim that elections are rigged, but the question is what does he really mean when he claims that the election is rigged? Hillary Clinton had once said that George W. Bush was selected not elected, referring to the victory over Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election involving a miscount in ballots in Florida where Al Gore could have contested the election. This could be taken that Hillary may have insinuated that the election, at least the 2000 election, was rigged in some kind of way. But is Trump’s idea about a rigged election the same as what happened in the 2000 election or is this a false equivocation? One claim that Trump has made about rigged elections is that dead people tend to vote democratic. USA today...
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Controversy has been sparked over a large Nazi flag with the name “Trump” and the slogan “Make America Hate Again,” recently displayed in the window of a New York bookstore. The display was protested Wednesday by 25 people in the town of Saugerties, where the bookstore is located. The flag was put in place by the store’s owner, Brian Donoghue, and was created by artist Daniel Radovanovic, according to Daily Donoghue said he created the display as a protest against Trump, and a statement of the parallels he perceives between the candidate and the rise of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. Nevertheless, the display was condemned in no uncertain terms by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), who viewed it as tasteless and misguided. “Using the sy...
Cleared for Release: Shin Bet officials on Thursday 18 Tishrei removed a gag order, permitting publication of a conspiracy to perpetrate a major terror attack in southern Israel. According to the information released, the terror cell planned to target a simcha hall but B’chasdei Hashem, they were apprehended before they could carry it out as they were arrested by police on September 21, 2016. Hassin Abu-Taheh, a resident of Khan Yunis (Gaza) was arrested as he tried passing through the Erez Crossing. Officials report the cell members are aligned with the Islamic Jihad in Gaza and they planned a large attack in a simcha hall that included abducting and murdering an IDF soldier. Others Gazans were also enlisted by the cell including at least one Gazan who was inside Green Line Israel...
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