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Baltimore, MD — August 18, 2017 - Authorities are investigating a stabbing that happened Friday morning in northwest Baltimore. A male from outside of the community was stabbed in the stomach in the 2600 block of Gage Court in the Pickwick Apartment complex.
A lawsuit claims that Poland Spring Water is deceiving consumers with evergreen labels that say their bottle contains “100 percent natural spring water” that hails from Maine. The class-action lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court in Connecticut claims that parent company Nestle Waters North America is bottling common groundwater that doesn’t meet the federal definition of spring water. A Nestle Waters representative says the water meets all relevant federal and state regulations for spring water. Nestle Waters settled a 2003 Connecticut lawsuit claiming Poland Spring’s water was not sourced deep in the Maine woods. The lawsuit comes as the Stamford, Connecticut-based company embarks on an expansion in Maine amid rising demand for bottled water. Nestle i...
Baltimore, MD - Aug. 18, 2017 - A severe motor vehicle accident, with one vehicle clipping another causing it to hit the electric box from the traffic light, has just occurred in front of Seven Mile Market on Reisterstown Road and has traffic backed up with Reisterstown Road closed off from Seven Mile Lane all the way to Slade Ave. Emergency personnel are on scene. Avoid the area.
EpiPen maker Mylan has finalized a $465 million government agreement settling allegations it overbilled Medicaid for its emergency allergy injectors for a decade — charges brought after rival Sanofi filed a whistleblower lawsuit and tipped off the government. It’s the second settlement with the Department of Justice that Mylan has made since 2009 for allegedly overcharging the government for its medicines. A prominent senator and a watchdog group both criticized the latest settlement for being far smaller than the amount Medicaid was overcharged. Mylan NV, technically based in England but with operational headquarters near Pittsburgh, became a poster child for pharmaceutical industry greed for hiking the list price of EpiPens repeatedly. It raised the price per pair from $94...
Gingrich, who has consistently been one of Trump’s most optimistic supporters, said Friday morning that Trump is more isolated than he realizes and needs to make “serious changes” if he’s going to have a stable presidency.
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced the start of major construction for a new light-filled train hall across from the cramped and dark Penn Station. The Democratic governor said Thursday that the planned Moynihan Train Hall was “for many years too difficult to achieve.” He said construction is underway because “New Yorkers don’t give up.” The planned transit hub in the landmark Farley Post Office building is named after U.S. Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a Democrat who championed the project and died in 2003. A concourse linking the Farley building to the existing Penn Station across the street opened in June. The $1.6 billion project is scheduled to be completed in 2020. The 255,000-square-foot (23,690-square-meter) Moynihan Train Hall will be used ...
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A prominent Republican senator delivered a stinging rebuke Thursday of Donald Trump’s short time in office, declaring he has not shown the stability or competence required for an American president to succeed. Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, also said Trump “recently has not demonstrated that he understands the character of this nation.” During comments to local reporters after a speech to the Chattanooga Rotary Club, Corker called for “radical changes” in how the Trump White House operates. Separately, Republican Sen. Tim Scott told a newspaper in his home state of South Carolina that Trump’s heavily criticized response to violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, “complicates this administration’s m...
A suicide bomber blew himself up in the southern Gaza Strip on Thursday, killing a Hamas terrorist who was trying to stop the attacker from crossing into Egypt, Hamas announced, blaming an ISIS sympathizer for carrying out the unprecedented attack. It marked the first time that Hamas, which has carried out dozens of suicide attacks over the years targeting Israelis, was itself struck in such an assault. The Hamas-run Interior Ministry said five other Hamas security forces and an accomplice of the bomber were wounded. The ministry described the assailant and his colleague as “ideologically deviant” — a term Hamas uses to describe members of ISIS and other terrorists. There was no immediate claim of responsibility. Hamas has ruled Gaza with an iron fist since seizing con...
Severe thunderstorms and heavy rains across Maryland may lead to flooding from Friday into Shabbos, weather officials advise. BALTIMORE, MD (Updated at 3:30 p.m.) - A severe thunderstorm watch was issued Friday afternoon for the city of Baltimore and several Maryland counties. The region was already under a flash flood watch that is in effect into the early hours of Saturday. At 2:25 p.m. the National Weather Service issued the thunderstorm watch, which is in effect until 9 p.m. for Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Calvert, Caroline, Carroll, Cecil, Charles, Dorchester, Frederick, Harford, Howard, Kent, Montgomery, Prince George's, Queen Anne's, Somerset, St. Marys, Talbot, Washington, Wicomico and Worcester counties, plus Baltimore City. Large hail and damaging wind gusts are possibl...
Police say suspects in Spain's deadly twin terror attacks were preparing an even bigger assault but were thwarted in their plans. The suspects in Spain's deadly twin terror attacks on Thursday were preparing an even bigger assault but were thwarted in their plans and forced to act in a "more rudimentary" way, police said Friday, according to AFP. Catalonia police spokesman Josep Lluis Trapero added that a driver who mowed down crowds of pedestrians in the first attack in a busy Barcelona street could be among five suspects later shot dead in a nearby city. "They were preparing one or several attacks in Barcelona and an explosion in Alcanar stopped this as they no longer had the material they needed to commit attacks of an even bigger scope," he was quoted as having ...
Parsha Hashavua
Parshas Re'eh - Seasons of the Soul

In three places the Torah instructs us to celebrate the festivals by making a pilgrimage to the Temple on each of the three festivals; Pesach, Shavuos and Sukkos. The first two appear in the portions of Mishpatim and Ki Sisa with the final reference at the end of our portion, Reeh.

In each of these cases the Torah omits the exact calendar date each festival is to fall out on and merely makes mention of the ‘season’ it falls in. Pesach is to be celebrated in the אביב, springtime, Shavuos fifty days later, during the קציר, ‘harvest’ season; summer, and Sukkos during the season of אסיף,  the ‘ingathering’ of the harvest; autumn.

Why the omission of its precise date in conjunction with its seasonal location?

The Torah instructs, שמור את חדש האביב (דברים טז א), Observe the month of the springtime, requiring the addition periodically of a month to the year to realign the lunar calendar with the solar year so that the festivals fall out within the designated seasons associated with them, as there is an eleven day discrepancy between the length of a solar year and the lunar one.

Clearly there is a need then to combine both facets, lunar and solar, so why would the Torah choose to refer only to the seasonal marker without its exact historical date as well?

Why are these yearly pilgrimages only mentioned in context of the seasons but never in the other portions of the Torah that detail the festivals and their sacrificial requirements, as outlined in Pinchas, as well by the full complement of the specific mitzvos associated with each festival that are elaborated in Emor?

In our reading it also calls for one to ‘rejoice’ on the festival, ושמחת בחגך (שם שם יד), You shall rejoice on your festival. Although this obligation applies to all three festivals, nevertheless the Torah omits any specific reference to ‘rejoicing’ when discussing Pesach. Additionally in discussing Shavuos it makes only a single mention to rejoice, yet the Torah emphasizes twice, during its description of Sukkos, the obligation to be happy. What is the underlying message in this progression from zero joy to a call to rejoice and finally a full double expression of happiness, indicated in these verses?

The great Maharal makes a remarkable observation. Man and his life experience, he says, parallels the four seasons. The cycle of the seasons begins with the Tekufas Teves, the winter solstice, the shortest ‘day’ of the year, where from this juncture the sun begins to appear in greater proportion each day as the days now grow longer. The power of the sun displays its affect at the onset of Tekufas Nissan, the spring equinox, and the appearance of the first crops that have sprouted from the earth due to the sun’s influence.

This season corresponds to the segment of man’s life where he develops from a fetus until maturity, ready to leave his parents home and head forward in establishing a family and homestead of his own. Assuming as King David asserts, ימי שנותינו בהם שבעים שנה (תהלים צ י), The days of our years among them are seventy years, that a lifetime is measured by seventy years, this first quarter of life, represents 17.5 years, approaching 18, as seventy divided by four equals seventeen and a half. This, he teaches, is the basis for Mishna in Avos which advocates man to marry at the age of 18,  since it as this age he is now ‘ripe’ to begin a family.

The Maharal leaves the rest of this analogue for us to figure out on our own. I would suggest the next quarter of life from the age of 17.5 through 35 years of age, corresponds to the season that begins with Tekufas Nissan and concludes with Tekufas Tammuz, the summer solstice, the longest day of the year with the sun at its peak, beginning to wane beyond that point and the days ahead. This would allude to the period of greatest growth within a family, both in terms of children and as well in establishing one’s successful career in life, a time of flourishing amidst the many challenges these endeavors entail.

The following quarter, from the age of 35 to 52.5 would align with the period from Tekufas Tammuz through Tekufas Tishrei, the autumn equinox, the midpoint of the sun’s southward journey, where the glorious bounty of summer has been fully gathered as the summer wanes, nights now beginning to diminish the brightness of daylight, as one heads towards the darkness of winter and the apparent demise of any visible nature of ‘growth’.

This mirrors the years where man looks back on his accomplishments enjoying the fruits of his labor with great satisfaction and accomplishment.

From that point and on, from the age of 52.5 until 70, the final quarter of life, the night of the material world grows darker with the omen of man’s eventual demise, reaching Tekufas Teves, the longest night, implying death, only to recover with continuation of life as the next generation begins to gestate, as the sun once again begins its northerly trek, bringing its magnificent sunshine and warmth to the next generation in that continuous cycle called life.

The Maharal makes another fascinating suggestion. He asks, why from among all the four Patriarchs does the Torah only record the age of Yitzchok, being 40 years old when he married?

He suggests that we see that Yitzchok lived to the age of 180, and Yishmael his antagonist, to 137. It’s fair to assume that Yitzchok due to his righteousness was blessed with extra years while the jealous and threatening Yishmael had his years lessened. We can then surmise that age of the ‘average’ man at that period in time in history can be determined by calculating the median age between them both, which would give us 158. If we divide the ‘base life’ of Yitzchok by four we obtain, 39.5, with each subsequent quarter marked by the years: 79, 118.5 and 158. We discover that 40 (39.5 rounded out) was Yitzchok’s ‘18’, and thus the source for the Mishna in determining the appropriate age to marry! (גור אריה תולדות)

May I add to my illustrious ancestor’s theory the following observations:

During Yitzchok’s second quadrant he finally merited to joyously father children, at the age of 60. At the age of 123, approximate to the end of his third quadrant, he ultimately and happily affirms Yaakov as his rightful heir with the conferring of his blessings, then together with Rivkah dispatches him on his journey towards his destiny in marrying Leah and Rochel, and begetting the future Tribes of Israel. Rivkah, his beloved wife, passes away when Yitzchok is 159, connoting the end of his ‘base’ life, with Yitzchok going on to live his ‘extra’ years in relative isolation, passing away at the age of 180.

Each festival celebrates the quarter it follows. Pesach, the festival of אביב, springtime and rebirth, reflects on the formative years of maturation and the struggle to define and discover oneself, now equipped to ‘spring’ forward. Perhaps because of this doubt we experience until we reach  self-realization is the reason why ‘joy’ does not yet appear explicitly. Shavuos, a time of harvest and industry, realizing one’s potential, whether in the birth of children or in the exercising of skills developed, contemplates the joy of success, though tempered with the stress and hard labor that expends so much of our energy in the process. But there is clearly ‘rejoicing’ nevertheless, thus one mention of joy. The third quarter of life, where we begin to see our children go forward in life, coupled with the ‘ingathering’ of our wealth of accomplishments both material and spiritual, warrants the double expression of happiness that is represented in Sukkos.

Of all the Patriarchs Yitzchok is the sole one who lived his full years. Avraham died prematurely so he wouldn’t have to see his grandson Esav falling into bad ways. Yaakov lost years of his life because he ‘complained’ to Pharaoh about his difficult life.

Yitzchok was the only one of the Patriarchs born in Nissan, unlike the others, we are taught, who were born in Tishrei.

His name as well, Yitzchok, connotes laughter, an expression of joy.

There were three ‘laughs’ related to the birth of Yitzchok. The laughter of doubt that Sarah was taken to task for, when she chuckled in disbelief, when hearing of the promise of a child, questioning her worthiness of such great privilege.

There was the laughter of astonishment that Avraham exhibited as he rejoiced upon hearing of the great privilege his legacy would now be assured.

Finally after having been earlier admonished, Sarah upon bearing the child of the promise, recovers from her previous failure and proclaims with genuine glee, “G-d has made laughter for me, whoever hears will laugh with me.”

Perhaps the initial ‘imperfect’ laugh of Sarah is indicative of the self-doubt we all experience until we mature and identify ourselves and our relationship with G-d with greater clarity and understanding. This aligns with Pesach and our inability to yet fully experience joy.

The laughter of Avraham, represents the expression of satisfaction in realizing our dreams and the ability to pursue them. This coordinates with Shavuos and the celebration of accomplishment, harvesting, a joy that is apparent but yet not absent of all anxiety.

The ‘last laugh’ of Sarah, however, depicts an awareness of the special relationship we each can access in accomplishing our greatest hopes, as Sarah avers that all those who ‘hear’ her, comprehend her, will be able to laugh along with their own renewed awareness of the personal connection one can achieve in bringing dreams to fruition. This echoes the joy of Sukkos where one regales in that special bond one senses upon realizing the responsiveness of G-d to those who seek Him earnestly.

The Torah records these ‘pilgrimages’ with unidentified dates to allude to the timelessness of this constant process of growth.

As we begin the month of Elul in preparation for the Day of Judgement, where we are forced to consider how far we have come and to where we are headed, it would be wise to contemplate the ‘seasons of our souls’ with brutal honesty. Where do we stand in the cycle of life? Do we have what to deservedly rejoice in? Have we appreciated the opportunities we have been given and utilized them appropriately or have we squandered them?  

It is high time for some healthy ‘global warming’ to mature, harvest and gather in the vast blessings that await those who align themselves with the vital message of the ceaseless pilgrimage we trek each day of our lives until we finally achieve a complete and final return!


צבי טייכמאן

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Crews removed the statue of Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Taney from the grounds of the State House in Annapolis early Friday. Capitol police have stood guard at the statue around the clock since Wednesday morning, and officials from the Department of General Services were at the location Thursday making plans for how to take the statue down. The statue has been on the State House grounds for 140 years, and was a stop on the historical walking tour. By 1 a.m. Friday, crews moved in a truck and a crane. About an hour later, the statue was removed from its pedestal and put on a truck to be hauled away. An increasing number of people -- tourists and locals -- stopped by the location during the day Thursday to look at the monument for the first and last time. "Of course, it's a...
In three places the Torah instructs us to celebrate the festivals by making a pilgrimage to the Temple on each of the three festivals; Pesach, Shavuos and Sukkos. The first two appear in the portions of Mishpatim and Ki Sisa with the final reference at the end of our portion, Reeh. In each of these cases the Torah omits the exact calendar date each festival is to fall out on and merely makes mention of the ‘season’ it falls in. Pesach is to be celebrated in the אביב, springtime, Shavuos fifty days later, during the קציר, ‘harvest’ season; summer, and Sukkos during the season of אסיף,  the ‘ingathering’ of the harvest; autumn. Why the omission of its precise date in conjunction with its seasonal location? The Torah instructs, שמור ...
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BRIDGEWATER, N.J. — The Latest on reaction to President Donald Trump, the terrorist attack in Barcelona and the Charlottesville violence (all times local): 2:50 p.m. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi says the departure of White House adviser Steve Bannon is “welcome news,” but she is calling on President Donald Trump to fire additional staff. Pelosi said in a statement that Bannon’s departure “doesn’t disguise where President Trump himself stands on white supremacists and the bigoted beliefs they advance.” Trump has said “both sides” are to blame for the clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia, between white supremacists and counterprotesters last weekend. One woman protesting the far-right extremist groups died when a car drove int...
Add next week's total eclipse of the sun to the list of worker distractions that cost U.S. companies hundreds of millions of dollars in lost productivity. American employers will see at least $694 million in missing output for the roughly 20 minutes that outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas estimates workers will take out of their workday on Monday to stretch their legs, head outside the office and gaze at the nearly two-and-a-half minute eclipse. And 20 minutes is a conservative estimate, said Andy Challenger, vice president at the Chicago-based firm. Many people may take even longer to set up their telescopes or special viewing glasses, or simply take off for the day. "There's very few people who are not going to walk outside when there's a celestial wonde...
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White Southerners who equate Old South symbols with regional pride rather than hate are even more on the defensive since neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klansmen and other extremists became the face of the fight over Confederate monuments. With more than two dozen relatives who fought for the Confederacy, Robert Castello literally wears his Southern pride. The visor, suspenders and ring he donned Thursday were all emblazoned with the familiar design of the rebel battle flag. But Castello, whose Dixie General Store sells Confederate-themed hats, shirts, stickers and signs in rural eastern Alabama, said he doesn’t have any use for overtly racist groups like the Klan. “When I was growing up it was like a badge of honor to be proud of your Southern heritage. It was taught and it was part of ...
An activist known for helping Arab women in the Chicago area lost her U.S. citizenship Thursday and will be deported for failing to disclose convictions for bombings in Jerusalem decades ago. Rasmea Odeh was interrupted three times by a judge as she used her court appearance in Detroit to criticize Israel and the United States and deny that she’s a terrorist. “This is not a political forum for you to fan the flames of Israeli-Palestinian disputes. … It’s about the application you filled out,” said U.S. District Judge Gershwin Drain, who threatened to find her in contempt and send her to jail. Odeh, 70, pleaded guilty in April to concealing her previous convictions when she entered the U.S. in 1994 and applied for citizenship a decade later. She would have ...
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The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new medicine for use against a rare, rapidly progressing blood cancer after other treatments have failed. The agency approved Pfizer Inc.’s Besponsa for patients with a type of advanced acute lymphoblastic leukemia. By then, life expectancy is low. “These patients have few treatments available and today’s approval provides a new, targeted treatment option,” Dr. Richard Pazdur, the FDA’s director for cancer drugs, said in a statement. This year an estimated 5,970 Americans will be diagnosed and 1,440 will die from the cancer, according to the National Cancer Institute. The drug will cost $168,300 without insurance for the typical nine-week treatment course. In testing that included 218 patients, 36 percent gi...
Long-term U.S. mortgage rates edged lower this week. Mortgage buyer Freddie Mac said Thursday the rate on 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages slipped to 3.89 percent from 3.90 percent last week. While historically low, that’s still above last year’s average of 3.65 percent. The benchmark rate stood at 3.43 percent a year ago. The rate on 15-year, fixed-rate home loans, popular with homeowners who are refinancing their mortgages, fell to 3.16 percent from 3.18 percent last week. Record-low interest rates have helped spur home purchases and boosted the housing market. Yet despite the low mortgage rates to lure prospective homebuyers, the housing market has remained hampered by tight mortgage credit, rising home prices and tight supply of homes on the market. In the latest indicatio...
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WASHINGTON - White House chief strategist Steve Bannon has resigned from the Trump administration, a source close to Bannon tells ABC News.The source said Bannon made the resignation effective two weeks ago, effective Aug. 14 - the one year mark of his joining the campaign.He says he will continue to fight for the president's agenda outside the White House.Bannon joined the Trump campaign in August 2016 as the third man to run Trump's floundering campaign - and in the process of helping lead Trump to that improbable victory became the embodiment of Trump's populist agenda - following him to the White House as his chief political strategist, where he would cement his reputation as fearless and critically influential adviser determined to stick to his motto until it finally go...
President Donald Trump is being criticized once again for lauding the alleged tactics of Gen. John Pershing in dealing with Islamic extremists in the Philippines at the turn of the last century. Trump tweeted on Thursday that people should “study what General Pershing of the United States did to terrorists when caught. There was no more Radical Islamic Terror for 35 years!”  Follow Donald J. Trump ✔@realDonaldTrump Study what General Pershing of the United States did to terrorists when caught. There was no more Radical Islamic Terror for 35 years! 2:45 PM - Aug 17, 2017  69,90469,904 Replies    27,68327,683 Retweets    96,67396,673 likes Twitter Ads info and privacy What is behind the tweet and the cri...
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