Listen to Rabbi Moshe Hauer - Parshas Emor - Received & Earned - First Aliyah (Audio)

By Rabbi Moshe Hauer
Posted on 05/15/19

Baltimore, MD - May 14, 2019 - In this shiur we speak about the difference between the hebrew words amirah and dibur. Maamaros are statements which have a permanence. Kohanim have the crown of Kehunah which they get simply as a heritage so the passuk says "Emor". Dibros are not permanent because they are spoken to people who have a choice. They require action to bring them into existence. The crown of Torah and the holy position of the high priest are given to someone who has earned it and is therefore constantly renewing their right to it on a daily basis. In that sense, it is an aspect of dibur.

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