Listen to Rabbi Moshe Hauer: Vayigash - The Meetings of Kings- First Aliyah (Audio)

By Rabbi Moshe Hauer

Posted on 12/18/17

Baltimore, MD - Dec. 18, 2017 - In the first aliyah of Parshas Vayigash, Yehuda steps forth to speak with Yosef. This is a meeting of the two main leaders of the Jewish people-both in those times, and later on in history. Yosef and Yehuda are kings in different ways, which are both necessary for Klal Yisroel. Yosef is a ruler according to destiny, whose kingship is comparable to a moshel, a strict ruler. Yehuda's leadership is accepted once it is understood, and he rules according to what has to be done now. In the future, we will also be led by descendants from each of these kings.

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