Listen to Rabbi Moshe Hauer on Sefiras HaOmer- Excitement or Mourning (Audio)

By Rabbi Moshe Hauer

Posted on 03/30/18 | From torahmedia.com

Baltimore, MD - Mar. 30, 2018 - reposted upon request:

Baltimore, MD - Apr. 20, 2017 - In the 4th aliyah of Parshas Emor, Sefiras Haomer is discussed as the time period between the bringing of the barley offering on Pesach to the offering of the loaves of bread on Shavuos. This transition from the food of animals to the refined, processed food of a human teaches us about our work during this time period. We are involved in the upward process of refining ourselves as human beings, making sure that we express our G-dliness. We mourn the deaths of Rabi Akiva's students, who did not fully appreciate that a human can reach levels of G-dliness and bringing honor to Hashem, even when we are in golus conditions that are much less than honorable.

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