Listen To This Very Important Announcement From Israeli Minister Naftali Bennett: Any Contact Between Children and The Elderly Should Be Eliminated If At All Possible (Audio)

By BJLife Israel Newsroom

Posted on 03/17/20

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The following audio message from Naftali Bennett, Minister of Defense in Israel, was issued today, Tuesday March 17, 2020.

Children who are infected with the Corona Virus do NOT have any symptoms. However, they DO ACTIVELY transmit it to all they come in contact with. The route of transmission is via respiratory droplets through sneezing, coughing or touching oral or nasal secretions and then touching any object which is then contaminated by the Corona virus.

Any contact between children and the elderly should be eliminated if at all possible as 1in 5 older adults (grandparents) could contract the Corona virus, and might, Chas v'chalila, die.