Susan Leibtag: It's Time

By BJLife/Susan Leibtag

Posted on 01/04/20

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I haven't written a blog for BJL in a very long time.  I have become accustomed to the crazy, hectic life in Israel, and come to love it even more every day.  Today makes 8 years since we came to Modiin and we still feel amazed that Hashem gave us the gift of this incredible country and that we have the privilege to live here.

As I drive around, I see archaeological digs everywhere, finding pieces (sometimes whole towns) of our ancestors' lives.  I see all kinds of Jews doing all kinds of work and contributing to the land. I see the past, present, and future of the Jews.

And when I read the news from America, it is far more frightening to me than when there are rockets going off here.  Why? Because in the US the antisemitism is just starting to boil after being latent (or semi-latent) for years.  And when the boil starts, it won't stop. No amount of marches will change this. 

Are all Jews in the US going to participate in basic training so that they can fight back?  In Israel almost every person you see knows how to defend himself and others, has trained to do so, and is ready to do so.  You go to a wedding and there are at least 5 people with pistols. You go to the mall and see twenty or thirty soldiers with their weapons.  This is a military country and fighting back, not giving in, not running...this is what we do. 

We have a purpose - to defend the land which Hashem gave us, and told us to live in, the Holy Land, from  those who want to take it from us.

When I lived in America, I didn't realize it but I was purpose-less.  Only when I came to live in israel and became an Isreali did I become part of something more meaningful than I could have imagined.

So, maybe you're toying with the idea of leaving the US.  It seems impossible, how can you leave what you've built. what you have, everything that you've known since you were born?  

I'm telling you now - you will be re-born when you make aliyah in a way you can never have imagined.  Easy? Nope. Uncomplicated? Not at all.

Is anything ever easy for the Jewish people?  We are the people who do the hard things and survive.

Jews in the US are on the precipice - hatred is growing.  Please, please, come home.