Governor Moore Shows 54% Approval Rating In Latest Poll

By FOX45
Posted on 04/02/24 | News Source: FOX45

Baltimore, MD - Apr. 2, 2024  - In the latest Goucher College Poll, Maryland Governor Wes Moore garnered a 54% approval rating. This is a 1% increase to his last approval rating which came in a poll conducted by the Baltimore Banner and Goucher College. Also in the latest poll, 28% of voters said they disapprove of the governor while 16% don't have an opinion.

Among party lines, 71% of Democrats approve of the governor while 25% of Republican and Independents agree. Only 13% of Democrats disapprove of Moore; meanwhile, 59% of Republicans and 32% of Independents hold a negative view of the job the governor has done.

When it comes to the economy, 43% of Marylanders believe the state is heading in the right direction while 40% believe it is on the wrong track. The majority (57%) of Democrats think the economy is improving while 70% of Republicans disagree. Meanwhile Independents are largely split with 41% thinking it is on the right track and 43% thinking it is on the wrong one.

As for the current economic situation, opinions are equally split with 45% saying they have a positive view of the current situation and 45% saying they have a negative view. The party split is similar to last one with 59% of Democrats holding a positive view and 74% of Republicans holding a negative view. However, Independents are slightly more varied than their previous stance with 37% saying they are mostly positive and 52% saying they are mostly negative.

These results are from a survey of 800 Maryland voters, and the data has a margin of error of +/- 3.5%.