Hebrew House Sign Found In Khan Yunis Returned

By Arutz-7
Posted on 02/28/24 | News Source: Arutz-7

Major Aviran Hazan, a battalion commander in the 646th brigade, found a sign reading ‘Hannah and Daniel Yaffe’ in Hebrew in a house in Khan Yunis.

During an interview with Kan this morning, he announced that he and his soldiers would like to return the sign to its owners. Before the interview had ended, the owners had been located, and Daniel and Hannah Yaffe explained on air that the sign was more than forty years old.

“May God protect you every step of the way, and may you all return home safely. Thank you for everything that you are doing for Israel,” Hannah told the soldiers.

“The sign is peanuts,” she claimed, “But it is most exciting that you found something like that. Who would have believed it? We lived in Bat Yam, and that sign was at the entrance to our house. When we moved, a number of furniture dealers came from all manner of places, and apparently, the next owners of the house sold the door.”

Daniel likewise professed himself to be very excited, and added “I used to work in the Hatzorfim silversmith dealer. I cast the sign myself.”

Hazan promised to deliver the sign to anywhere they wanted. “We were genuinely excited when we found the sign. What are the chances that, while at war, we should see a sign in Hebrew? We’re happy to have found you.”