Israel: Municipal Elections on Tuesday

By Staff Reporter
Posted on 02/25/24 | News Source: Chaim V'Chessed

Jerusalem, Israel - Feb. 25, 2024  - Municipal elections will be held across Israel on Tuesday, February 27/ 18 Adar I.  Below, Chaim V’Chessed provides important details about the upcoming elections.

In this week’s elections, residents will vote for mayor and local council members in nearly every municipality in Israel. All Israeli citizens over age 17 are entitled to vote in these elections, in the jurisdiction that they reside in.

It should be noted that these elections have been delayed since October, due to the ongoing war. The Pinkas HaBocharim (Voters Roll) closed on September 14 in advance of the original date of the elections. Hence, only citizens who were 17 years old by October 31 are eligible to vote. Additionally, olim may only vote if they made Aliyah before September 14.

There have been numerous erroneous reports regarding foreigners who are residents of Israel. It has been claimed that student visa holders, or holders of Israeli driving licenses, or those who pay Arnona, are eligible to vote in their locality.  Unfortunately, none of these persons are permitted to vote. The only non-citizens who may vote are those who hold Toshav Keva (Permanent Resident) or Toshav Arai (Temporary Resident) status, both of whom hold teudat zehut cards.

If you are eligible to vote, you must appear with either a teudat zehut, an Israeli passport or an Israeli drivers license. A teudat zehut is accepted even if it is expired. Drivers license and passport are only accepted if they are valid.

Lastly, most government offices will be closed on Election Day. However, nine Misrad HaPnim branches will open to provide teudot zehut to those who have lost theirs, or for first-time cards. These branches include Jerusalem, Ashdod and Bnei Brak. See here for further details.


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