Israel To Send Delegation To Qatar Amid Optimism About Hostage Deal

By JPost
Posted on 02/24/24 | News Source: JPost

The War Cabinet agreed to send a delegation to hostage talks in Paris after Israel expressed cautious optimism Saturday night about the possibility of a hostage deal that could involve a six-week pause to the fighting before Ramadan, according to Israeli media.

“We are working to obtain another framework outline for the release of our hostages,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote in a post on X on Saturday. “That is why I sent a delegation to Paris – and tonight we will discuss the next steps in the negotiations,” he stated.

He emphasized simultaneously that Israel was committed to destroying “the Hamas battalions in Rafah.”

“At the beginning of the week, I will convene the cabinet to approve the operational plans for action in Rafah, including the evacuation of the civilian population from there,” Netanyahu said.

“Only a combination of military pressure and firm negotiations will lead to the release of our hostages, the elimination of Hamas, and the achievement of all the war’s goals,” the prime minister said.