Israel Raises Threat Level Against Travel To 80 Countries Due To Gaza War

By JPost
Posted on 12/04/23 | News Source: JPost

The threat level has been raised in 80 countries for Israelis as a result of the Gaza war, according to a new list published by the National Security Council.

There are increased efforts by Iran and its proxies, such as Hamas, as well as by the elements of global jihad, to attack Israeli and Jewish targets around the world, the National Security Council said.

“This coincides with a continuous and significant increase in incitement, attempted attacks, and widespread manifestations of antisemitism in many countries,” it stated.

“We can’t say don’t go, what we can say is that Israelis should weigh where they go,” an NSC official said.

There is an unprecedented level of potential violence either due to terror attempts or rising antisemitism and those who travel must take that into account, the official stated.

Major Western countries moved up a level of concern

Many Western countries were moved from the council’s Level 1 category, which is “basic precautionary measures” to Level 2, which is “increased precautionary measures.”

The United Kingdom, Germany, and France were all on that list, as were Brazil, Argentina Australia, and Russia.