New Baltimore Girls’ High School Opens to Great Acclaim

Posted on 09/27/23 | News Source: ANASH

The new Chabad Girls’ High School of Baltimore held a grand opening before Rosh Hashanah, attended by the founders, staff, teachers, parents and students. 

Baltimore, MD - Sept. 27, 2023  - Decades after Chabad first came to Baltimore, and after years of planning, the local Lubavitcher community finally got a girls’ high school.

In recent years, the Chabad community of Baltimore has seen a population boom, with new families moving in every year. The city also boasts a large, thriving frum community, with many mosdos, schools, and yeshivos.

“Baltimore has a rich Lubavitch history dating back to 1889,” head shliach Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan told for an article on the Baltimore community. “Since the establishment of the yeshiva twelve years ago, and the cheder soon after, the anash community really began to grow and blossom.”

Currently, Cheder Chabad of Baltimore has over 400 students, the mesivta has over 40 bochurim, and the zal has over 60. Finally, the community also got a girls’ high school.

The school, CGHS Baltimore, is under the leadership of Rabbi Kaplan, and is run by shlucha Mrs. Sarah Schectman. The school’s financial team is Rabbis Nochum Katsenelenbogen and Kushi Shusterman.

The school also has a great lineup of teachers: men and women, shluchim, and local anash.

A grand opening for the school, which currently fills a number of rooms in a larger building, took place before Rosh Hashanah. Attending were the founders, staff, teachers, parents and students. 

After the official ribbon cutting, the crowd toured the building, which was beautifully renovated and redone for the school. They then wished much success to the first class of students for the new year, and.

“We are looking forward to the high school continuing to grow and flourish,” one of the staff told “Without a doubt, very soon it will take its place of honor among the top high schools in Lubavitch.”