Yeshivas Mekor Chaim (YMC) Begins School Year with Eitan Katz Elul Kumzitz (Photos)

By BJLife/Isaac Draiman
Posted on 09/12/23

Baltimore, MD - Sept. 12, 2023  - On Sunday evening, Erev Rosh Hashanah 5784, Yeshivas Mekor Chaim (YMC) was fortunate to host renowned songwriter and composer Eitan Katz for an uplifting Elul Kumzitz. The evening was shared by YMC students, their parents, and community members, who joined together for an evening of achdus and uplifting melodies in an intimate kumzitz-like setup at Suburban Orthodox. Eitan Katz, accompanied by a violinist and local talent Eli Cohen and Matt Schoenfeld, played soulful nigunim that touched the hearts and souls of the audience. Interspersed between the uplifting nigunim, Rabbi Silber, Rabbi of Suburban Orthodox and Dean of YMC, shared deeply moving words chizuk about a simple hunter who meets Eliyahu Ha’Navi to remind us that we all have the ability and knowledge to learn Torah and do Teshuva. Rabbi Kimchi, a rebbe at YMC who recently moved to Baltimore from Eretz Yisrael, shared his compelling personal story about the impact of Eitan Katz’s soulful composition of l’maancha when his infant son was prematurely born and miraculously lived. When Eitan Katz then played the song, the emotional connection to one another and to Hashem was palpable in the room. The evening culminated in a powerful rendition of crowd-favorite nigunim and with Eitan Katz reminding us that just as he uses his gift of music to connect with us, each of us can use our own gifts to connect with one another. At the end of the night, one parent shared: “I don’t remember ever having such a spiritually connecting experience like last night. YMC is a class-act of a yeshiva! Our sons are so blessed.” May we all be zoche to bring in the coming year feeling spiritually connected and may we all be blessed with a year of growth, hatzlacha and bracha

YMC would like to thank the sponsors who made this event possible: Jacob and Julie Blumenfeld, Aaron and Ariella Dinovitz, Mayer and Shani Kohen, Jason and Shani Reitberger, Josh and Malkie Rosenbloom, Rabbi Shmuel and Aviva Silber, Moishe and Chavi Abramson, Isak and Carolyn Bakaev, Shraga and Perri Goldenhersh, Yossi and Amian Kelemer, Jacob and Goldie Milner, Yossi and Yona Openden, Matt and Susie Schoenfeld, and an anonymous sponsor.

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