Charges Filed Against Drivers in I-695 Crash Resulting in Death of Six Construction Workers

Posted on 06/06/23 | News Source:

Baltimore, MD - June 6, 2023 -  In a fatal crash on I-695 in March that killed six construction workers, the drivers involved, Lisa Adrienna Lea, 54, and Melachi Brown, 20, have been charged with more than two dozen counts, including felony negligent manslaughter by vehicle, according to WMAR2News. Authorities allege both were driving at excessive speeds in a construction zone. The accident occurred when Lea attempted an unsafe lane change and hit Brown's vehicle, causing her to lose control, crash through a construction barrier, and hit the workers. Lea and Brown were reportedly driving at 121 mph and 122 mph, respectively, in a 55 mph zone. If convicted on all counts, both could face up to 78 years in prison