Growing Calls For A Shift In Behavior To Prepare For Threat From China

Posted on 03/23/23 | News Source: FOX45

The week began with a red-carpet reception, a celebration between what Chinese President Xi Jinping called "good neighbors and reliable partners."

But to much of the rest of the world, it was a snapshot of an emboldened opposition.

China’s apparent endorsement of Russia’s war in Ukraine was laid out in a hearing on Capitol Hill.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken testified Thursday before a House Foreign Affairs subcommittee that, "when it comes to China, this is a generational challenge for us."

China is spending more and more on its military, preparing for what many believe is an imminent goal — the invasion of Taiwan, where most of the world's semiconductor chips are manufactured.

“Imagine if China invaded Taiwan tomorrow and controlled 90% of the global supply. We would be in a world of hurt," said Rep. Mike McCaul, R-Texas.

Some are calling on an immediate shift in U.S. policy to prepare, like former European Union ambassador Gordon Sondland, during an October interview with Sinclair.

"The first thing we should be doing as we should be bringing home everything we can do at home which is almost everything. The price difference of doing it at home and doing it in China has to be what I would call the 'freedom premium.'" Sondland said.

Some states are already taking action with growing concerns China has been encroaching on our agriculture.

A new law in South Dakota prevents its government from contracting with foreign governments seen as enemies of the United States including Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia and China.

“I've seen how China has come in and bought our manufacturing facilities our processing facilities. They’ve also over the years bought our fertilizer, our chemical companies. Their goal is to control our food supply so they can control the United States of America," Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem said in an interview with Just the News.