2023 STAR-K Pesach Info & Links

Posted on 03/27/23

Baltimore, MD - Mar. 21, 2023 - See below for a comprehensive list of resources prepared and compiled by STAR-K to get you Pesach-ready!

The STAR-K 2023 Pesach Guide, including Passover Medicines & Cosmetics prepared by Rav Gershon Bess, is available in your local Judaica store, or you can purchase it online here.

 To view or download a complimentary PDF of the abridged version of the STAR-K Pesach Guide, click here.

To access our fully updated Passover page to view relevant articles, charts and lists for 2023, click here

For the 2023 Quick Pick Medicine List: Click Here

 For the 2023 Quick Pick Personal Care List: Click Here

For the "Ben Yomo" How to Kasher Video Series:

Click here to watch

To access the STAR-K 2023 Pesach Products Webinar:

Click here to watch


STAR-K released its brand new app just in time for Pesach!

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR USERS OF OUR OLD APP: In order to access our new app, you must first DELETE your old one.

Download it from Google Play or the App store (see links below) and enjoy the convenience of having Rav Bess' Comprehensive Medicine, Personal Care & Cosmetics List at your fingertips.

Have more questions? Just call us at: 410.484.4110 

STAR-K wishes everyone a chag kasher v'same'ach!