Israeli Settlers Target Palestinian Homes In Terror Attacks 'Price Tag'

By JPost
Posted on 01/29/23 | News Source:

Security forces are concerned about potential escalation of violence in response to two recent terror attacks in which 7 people were killed and 5 were injured, according to Jpost. In one incident, a Palestinian house and car were set on fire by masked men believed to be Jewish. Palestinian media reported similar attacks on cars throughout the West Bank, although these were not confirmed. Yesh Din, a left-wing activist group, reported multiple cases of Jews attacking Palestinians on Saturday night, including throwing stones at homes and cars, causing severe damage to greenhouses and fields, and setting fire to cars and attacking an ambulance. These incidents are part of the "price tag" activities of right-wing extremists. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Israelis against taking the law into their own hands. Over the weekend, there were close to 160 cases of stone-throwing in the West Bank, with 85 incidents targeting Palestinians and 40 causing damage to cars.