Study Finds Wearing Tefillin Has Heart Benefits

By Arutz-7
Posted on 01/24/23 | News Source: Arutz-7

A study from the University of Cincinnati found that putting on tefillin has cardiovascular benefits.

The research discovered that Jews who regularly use teffilfin in their religious practice may receive cardiovascular health benefits.

The study, published in the PLOS ONE journal, concluded that the benefits are from reduced ischemic blood flow “preconditioning” which protects against damage caused by heart attacks.

“[Tefillin] is placed on the non-dominant arm around the bicep and the forearm in a fairly tight manner. It is never worn in a fashion as to occlude the blood flow,” said Dr. Jack Rubinstein of the Division of Cardiovascular Health in the UC College of Medicine. “This is traditionally worn for about 30 minutes continuously during prayers which involve sitting and standing resulting in occasional retightening of the strap around your arm.”