The Look Alive Campaign Aims To Curb Traffic-Related Accidents In Baltimore

Posted on 10/01/22 | News Source: WMAR2NEWS

Throughout October, local law enforcement in the Baltimore area will intensify efforts to curb traffic-related accidents for drivers and pedestrians. It's a part of a campaign called Look Alive.

The Look Alive campaign is sponsored by the Maryland Department of Transportation and the Baltimore Metropolitan Council.

Throughout October, local law enforcement will be issuing tickets to motorists and pedestrians who violate traffic safety regulations.

These fines can range from $40 to $500.

“We know visibility plays an important role in pedestrian safety,” said Chrissy Nizer, Administrator of the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration. “That’s why we’re reminding everyone to be alert and on the look-out for one another, especially as it gets dark earlier every day.”

In the Baltimore area alone, 66 pedestrian fatalities occurred last year, and October 2021 saw the most pedestrian crashes of the year at 169.

Due to shorter daylight hours, regional transportation officials caution that the upcoming months may be a hazardous time of year for pedestrians.